This Torah Learning Initiative Has Got People Learning Everywhere


Chayenu is committed to making Torah learning portable and accessible through weekly publications mailed directly to people’s houses. Each booklet contains easy to digest segments in a variety of Torah topics, including the weekly Parsha, Rambam, Sha’ar Habitachon, the Taryag Mitzvos, and inspirational stories.

Representing an unprecedented collaboration between 16 different Jewish publishers, who all contribute content to the work, the Chayenu booklet is rapidly gaining momentum, with over 22,000 people subscribed for weekly delivery in over 35 countries around the globe. In particular, its English translation of Chovos Halevavos is something that has never been seen before in any publication; being offered exclusively through Feldheim publishers with a unique commentary based on the chasidic masters.

A Chayenu booklet being studied in Maui.

By simply studying their weekly Chayenu booklet, which features an English translation of all the content, an individual will review all of chumash with Rashi every year, gain a deep understanding of all the Taryag mitzvos through Sefer HaMitzvos, and complete the entire rambam every three years. This last point is not to be under-estimated: since the Rambam touches upon every aspect of Torah life, completing the Rambam can be likened to studying the entire Torah, giving the learner a expansive understanding of every topic in Jewish law.

An excerpt from Chovos Halevavos with an exclusive translation.

Imagine looking back on those few moments each day which you spent studying Chayenu –on a commute, in a waiting room, waiting for a call to begin, and realizing that you’ve acquired a knowledge of kol hatorah kulo through the cumulative study of your Chayenu booklet.

Chayenu is available in both print and digital formats through a dedicated app. Sign up today, and see how, for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee, you can fulfill the Mitzvah of B’lechtecha B’derech and transform your Torah knowledge in the process.