ISRAEL AT WAR [Monday 7/24/06]


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(This will be updated as the news comes across the wire, & remember that the times are Israeli times.)?

6:40 pm: The IDF has attacked a production and storage warehouse in Gaza that was used to store rockets to be fired at Israel. Secondary explosions were observed at the warehouse demonstrating the existence of explosives at the site.?

***Helicopter Crash UPDATE***? The attack helicopter crashed at Kerem Ben Zimrah on Israeli territory near the Hizbullah stronghold of Bint Jbil, the south Lebanon village where fierce battles raged throughout the day. The helicopter was following another Apache in a formation on the way to support IDF forces fighting the enemy at Bint Jbil when it crashed. Two soldiers were killed.

5:13 pm: Two people have been injured seriously? by a rocket barrage that landed in Maalot. Three people are lightly injured and 22 are suffering from shock?

5:05 pm: Rockets have struck Tivereya.4:41 pm: Rockets have been raining down on Kiryat Shemoneh igniting fires.?

3:47 pm: Rockets have struck Krayot.?

3:30 pm: Rockets have struck Shlomie.?

1:40 pm: An Apache? Gunship has just crashed. [More to follow.]?

8:30 am: Nine IDF soldiers have been injured in heavy exchanges of fire between IDF forces and Hizbullah operatives in the area around Bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon.

8:00 am: Two Kassam rockets have just landed in Sderot. There are no injuries being reported A/T/T.