Reb Yisroel Perkovsky ZATZAL


With a heavy heart Yeshivaworld regrets to inform you of the Petira of Hagoen Reb Yisroel Perkovsky ZATZAL (Rosh Yeshivas Bais Hatalmud / Rov of the Agudah of 16th Avenue). The Levaya will take place this evening at 7:45 pm in front of Yeshivas Bais Hatalmud [82nd Street & Bay Parkway]. He has left a Tzavaah (will) that there should not be any Hespeidim at his Levaya, & that he should not be brought into the Yeshiva building.–YW Editor.


  1. uh…just to be technical….maybe he had ruach hakodesh-but how does that prove it exactly?if there is no hespeidim on chol hamoed-then he didn’t have to say in his will not to be maspid him…..

  2. The idea here is Ritzon Yirai’av Yaaseh. Since he wanted that there should not be any hespeidim, so Hashem made his petirah on Chol Hamoed so that people would have to fulfill his wishes and not find some loophole to not do so. Similar stories are found by other people. For example, Rav Shimshon Rafael Hirsh zatzal was worried that when he would be niftar, his remaining salary for the rest of the year would be unearned and would not rightfully be his. So Hashem arranged that he was niftar on the last day of the year. (I believe his contract was based on the secular year, so he was niftar on Dec 31.)

  3. Abi meleibt: that’s a good kasha, but the lomdus is that his RH”K made him be niftar during a time when there’s no hespeidim.

    But to be on the serious side: it is actually a good thing for a niftar not to have hespeidim said on him, as this way, in Shomayim he has to “live” up to what was said about him. – Besoros Tovos l’kol Yisroel, Amen.