Counter-Terror Officials Concerned for Chabad Houses on Seder Night


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Israel counter-terror officials are concerned that Chabad houses around the world are potential targets for terrorists, especially on seder night.

Retired IDF brigadier-general, Elkana Har-Nof speaks of his concerns as the counter-terrorism expert, aware that following the attack on the Chabad house in Mumbai terrorists are even more aware of the potential target, and as such, Israel is taking steps to prevent such an occurrence from taking place chas v’sholom.

An estimated over 60,000 Israelis will be taking part in Chabad house sedarim around the world, including India and other countries, and Israel will be counting on the expertise of many seder participants to be vigilant and act to prevent attacks – revering to the many IDF veterans of combat and elite combat units. Har-Nof is in touch with Chabad shluchim and officials in Israel, including Rav Menachem Brod, who explained that local police in different countries and cities also play a role in providing protection for Chabad houses around the world.

Har-Nof is concerned, and this Pesach, he and his staff view Chabad houses as a potential target and as such, they are taking appropriate precautionary measures to prevent attacks.

In another Chabad-related matter, according to a HaMevaser report on Monday, there was in incident at Chabad headquarters in NYC during recent days, in the area of 770 Eastern Parkway. A large stone, described as “the size of a block” was thrown through a window injuring a yeshiva bachor. With the help of members of the Shomrim patrol, the attackers were apprehended at a later date, when they returned, apparently to strike again. (Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. B’li ayin harah, Chabad has some fairly substantial resources. How about hiring a few full time armed shomrim (or at least for during the yomim tovim).

  2. chabad part of their history and long time belief is not to be dettered and to lose tempo in the slightest in order to farshprayzten torah and yiddishkeit if u scared let tougher people handle it

  3. If you think Chabad Shluchim aren’t ‘tough’ then I suggest you try moving your family to a small town in Germany with no other frum jews, no schools or yeshivas, and minimal kosher food. B”H I live inside a secured military base. I’m not a Chabadnik, but I certainly sympathize and understand the great mesiras nefesh it takes to do what they do. The least we can do is see to it that they’re safe.