The latest on the Filth Parade & Hafganas


Following meetings between officials in charge of organizing the event and Yerushalayim Police Chief Ilan Franco, the parade will take place in the capital on Friday. The parade route has been changed from the center of town to the government complex area, including the Knesset.

The Chief Rabbinate addressed the upcoming pride parade and issued a statement which read “If our prayer will not be heard (and the parade is allowed) we call for Hafganos to be held on Friday, to express the pain and objection over harming the sanctity and purity of Eretz Yisroel and the defilement of Yerushalayim”.

Earlier today a spokesman for the Eidah Hachareidis said that Hagoen R’ Moshe Shternbach Shlita has called for the BADATZ to meet sometime before the scheduled parade and issue a “PULSA D’NURA” to curse the organizers of the parade and the police who protect them. (A Pulsa D’nura is a Kabbalistic ceremony which is believed to unleash unearthly powers against specified Baalei Aveira.)

(It has been about 50 years since the BADATZ last used the Pulsa D’nura curse. It was against people who established Yerushalayim’s first mixed swimming pool. Gershon Agron, Yerushalayim’s mayor at the time, was also cursed – & he did not live out the year!)

Meanwhile violent Hafganos have erupted throughout Yerushalayim. Scores have been arrested and dozens have been transported to Hospitials.

Please take a minute out to sign a petition on line denouncing this filthy perverted event. Click HERE.