Israeli billionaire tries to buy Shame Parade


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In a sign of growing opposition to Friday’s scheduled “Shame Parade”, Israeli billionaire Arkadi Gaydamak has offered to pay for the event to be relocated to another city, a spokeswoman for the organizers of the event said Wednesday. “He didn’t succeed,” she told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, but would not divulge the sum Gaydamak offered to pay the organizers to move the parade.


  1. while that is admirable of him to do that, what would be done with the money? it would go to these mushchosim? this is a shaila for the oilam.

  2. Actually, Sarah I don’t believe this guy is frum hence it isn’t a shaila for anyone since this is his own solution not one he came up with while learning Baba kama.

  3. sarah – i actually wasnt sure whether R’ Elyashiv or R’ Shteinman were logging on to yeshivaworld, so i thougt i would present it to the oilam instead 🙂

  4. During World War II, R. A Kotler Z”L was critisized for dealing with certain parties to arrange the release of Jews from the Nazis and his retort was ” I would deal with anyone to save the FINGER of a jewish Child”. What they do with the money cannot be an overriding concern unless we are afraid they will do MUCH worse things which i doubt. Money has a way of causing
    people to become selfish.

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