Police Chief Franco’s new look


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francokipa.jpgPicture of Police Chief Franco coming to meet with the Eidah Chareidis. I’m shocked that he at least has the Derech Eretz to wear a Yarmulka to the meeting. Perhaps he’s just worried about the Pulsa Denura……..


  1. Its a shame that these people who despise yiddishkeit at all times & means “disguise” themselves with a “Folded Yarmulka” which means zero.

  2. at least he has respect for the gedolim and will show up with a yarmulka. he is a jew he gets a mitzva.
    there is people like that all around the world who celebrate passover and go to services on yom kippur at least they have some ties to yiddishkeit.

  3. To YW,
    No fair. ( this time)
    Ho took the time to honour the rabbi’s and come to them and wears a yarlmulka.
    Give credit where credit is due.
    Don’t you say actions are louder than words?
    If the respect is shlo leshem, at least don’t knock it.
    You owe Franco a retraction.