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Final: Shame Parade to be held at Hebrew U

After hours of deliberations with members of the Chareidi community, it was decided that the event will take place in a closed stadium located at Hebrew University in Yerushalayim. The police will secure the event with 3,000 officers and not the original amount of 10,000. This is all due to over 80 terrorist alerts coming in retaliation for Israeli accident in Bait Hanoun yesterday.

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  1. i just came from the demonstration on 2nd upset .i was there up until the neturei karta signs went up,and then i left…..did anyone know that it was gonna happen?not just 1 or 2 signs.a whole bunch of them….im happy i left…i thoought somone said that it was set up by the aguda….it was all satmer…nothing against them,but i wont be at a protest with a neturei karta over my head.

  2. The best case scenario would have been if this would have been achieved without all the massive Bittul Torah, arson and hooliganism the counter protests engendered. The democratic rights of the parade organisers could have been maintained and we wouldn’t be faced with serious Chinuch issues and questions the situation raised. For parents and educators, the fallout of the counter protests have caused many an uncomfortable minute!

  3. Let this serve as a lesson that although Hashem could not allow the parade to take place,its cancellation (change) had nothing to do with the inexcusable behavior of some of our brethren…We must realize that it was obviously “something” else that caused the change -perhaps the actions of a different chelek of klal yisroel that chose to daven and learn and heed the calls for extra shemira in the area of tznius etc.
    May I suggest that certain “chelakim of our brethren” be assigned “clean-up” duty to help make Jerusalem livable once again?

  4. I still think we should stand up for our holy city-Jerusalem. And not let people come here and show their status. The rabbonim have said no1 should riot anymore. Lets hope this Parade idea will never happen again anywhere in Israel.

  5. Tek I think it’s undeniable that with Hashems help the persisting protests by G-D fearing Jews and not cop fearing had their share in stoping a shame parade.

  6. Every jew has his purpose.some gotta protest with their hands and feet and some will pray….they’re all good jews..theres gotta be a little of each…its like a band…u cant all play the drums..

  7. Doesn’t anyone see the nes golie?
    In summer we had a war in Lebanon. Even Hamas acknowledged they made a mistake when they kidnapped the Israeli soldier, which triggered a war lasting until…? Anyone? Until the very day the shame parade was delayed. Lev malochim beyad H’
    I hate to say I said so but I told my nephew, when he went to yeshiva in August, please be careful in the beginning of November because I predict some sort of violence. Mah oseh H?; the Israeli army screwed up unintentionally, and a mortar guidance system malfunctioned, killing 19 Arabs in Gaza, and guess what? No parade!!
    Is this golie or what.
    I hear his footsteps getting louder? What if he came in 5 minutes from NOW? What if you KNEW he was coming and presently watching YOU through the window?

    PS I still stand by my position that the gratuitous violence by the chareidim was inappropriate and not for us.

  8. I think that much of the Hafgonos were encouraged by gedolim who never encouraged hafgonos before. As always there are certain people who take it too far. From my perspective, it’s abvious that the hafgonos helped, and the “reason” for the change is just an excuse for them to save face. Why do you think the cheif of police went to RN”T? They couldn’t handle it any more. They were fighting for something most of them didn’t stand for anyway.

  9. tek,

    Please take care that we don’t add to diviseness. Let each one of foucs on how we ourselves can improve- it’s the only route that works.

  10. Senora m. and tek unfortunatley are plagued by todays sad state of self hate. They fail to realize that these hafganos are the only thing that stopped this sick plan of the Soton to destoy Eretz Yisroel. The abomonation parade would have destroyed all the lemud ha toyrah and mitzvos done by klal yisruel in eretz yisruel and chutz la aretz. Maybe Pinchus shouldnt have killed Zimri rather he should have petitioned the High court then he should have learned a shtikl k’tzos ha choshen?! I am not sure what type of Jerusalem tek would like to live in. Ofcourse some of the protesters are not lsheym shumayim but for the most part they are and because you cant understand that you think they are just bored. Punkt fakert that is the BEST chinuch possible to give yiddishe kinder to be moyser nefesh for hashem and his toyrah instead of sitting on yeshiva world and complaning

  11. I beg to disagree.I am here in jerusalem and saw much of the “hafganot”.R Finkel was very against them as was many of the gedolim.When they encouraged the hafganot it was not in the fashion that it turned out.To smash large dumpsters into taxis filled with hat and jacket wearing bochurim (on some side street in geula) is unjustifiable (and there were many many many such stories).Yes, there were some G-d fearing Jews but for the most part it was youngsters out to have a good time by wreaking havoc in the lives of their neighbors….I was there! So,please don’t argue because I saw the large groups of “G-d fearing Jews”….ages 10 and under or others not wearing kippas…i am not trying to make a divisiveness….but please know that it was the daas of rov the gedolim not to particapate.

  12. One aspect of this I haven’t seen anyone paying attention to: Please daven that all the Yiddishe neshomos that have gotten caught in the klipos get released and do teshuva. Our tefilos can save precious neshomos, and each one is a whole world.

  13. Since when does ToldasAron know english? However I got to admit he is on the mark. At the end of the day it was the hafganos that stopped the parade. I heard from a reliable source that the police really wanted to end this whole thing for security reasons but were scared to give in fearing that this shows weakness on their part and that hafganos help

  14. To ToldosAron Says: 1:14 am

    “Punkt fakert that is the BEST chinuch possible to give yiddishe kinder to be moyser nefesh for hashem and his toyrah instead of sitting on yeshiva world and complaning”


    Punkt fakert that is NOT the BEST chinuch possible to give yiddishe kinder to be VIOLENT for hashem and his toyrah instead of sitting in yeshiva.


  15. I like the way everyone thinks us Laymen,yes laymen, have a right to an opinion if the demonstrations were appropriate.

    Even if it was a Nes. Does that preclude going to battle? Every Israeli victory was only b’nes. Are they supposed to lay back and relax?

    The Chofetz Chaim said “Az es toot Vey Shreit Men”

    Well let the Gedolim decide. Of course that means that they should take into account the opinions of every dope who opines on Yeshiva World

    For those who didn’t get it. I’m being sarcastic.

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