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Paint-ball attack at Roosevelt (NJ) Yeshiva

A paint-ball attack on Yeshiva Me’on Hatorah early Monday morning has not been ruled out as a religiously-motivated attack, according to the New Jersey State Police.

The side of a private dwelling housing 10 to 15 students was struck by about 70 paint-ball pellets just after midnight Monday, said Josh Pruzansky, executive vice president of Yeshiva Me’on Hatorah.

“In the past, it’s been verbal harassment,” Pruzansky said. “This is the first physical act and hopefully the last.”

State Police spokeswoman Sgt. Jeanne Hengemuhle said the incident is under investigation and witnesses are being interviewed.

“We welcome any information that anyone has,” Hengemuhle said.

Pruzansky said on occasion people will drive past the yeshiva and shout epithets from their vehicle windows.

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