Quotes from Gedoley Yisroel: Fly El Al!!


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Hagaon Harav Shteinman.jpgThese images have the direct quotes of numerous Gedolim throughout Eretz Yisroel, urging people to once again fly with El Al. These quotes were said to the CEO of El Al who paid a visit to various Gedolei Yisroel over the last few days.


  1. boruch hashem for shabbos kodesh and to make a kiddush hashem we have to fly elal…
    what about israir are we flying israir also or only elal..?

  2. Now that I’m making my reservations for the year ( multiple trips between now and Chanukah) let’s hope that El Al doesn’t mess up and have a Kol Korak issued costing me/us a bunch of money in the future.

  3. When I see a letter written on their (the Gedolims) stationary, with their hand written signatures affixed to it, then I’ll read it. Untill then…..

  4. This entire V’kuach between the Gedolim and the El Al heads, and all these people Shraaying about how much money they lost (or made), and those people K’vetching about what should have been done with the 500 grand( that probably never was), it really got me upset so while this was all happening I saved a bunch of money by switching my car insurance to GIECO.

  5. everyone should ask their own rov, but to me it does not seem there is a chiyuv, per se to fly el al especially if there will be a hefsed. rather we should be giving them preferance, when booking a flight.

  6. to mark levin:
    oh well! I guess they tricked the gedolim again. (chalila vechas)
    rabosei, does anybody have a concept of what Gedolei Yisrael are? does anyone appreciate their chochma and sechel that they acquired through ameilus batorah for over seventy years (without ever going on the internet)?
    they’re not just smarter then us. they’re chochma is a different dimention alltogether. they’re ability to see through all the side issues and negios is greater then our ability to tie our shoes. (our shoe laces still get stuck in knots once in a while)

  7. Shoymer – thank you for saying what needs to be said. At times it is mind boggling reading other peoples opinions…..as if they really think it should matter to us (or we care) how they “teitsh” up what the Gedolim say or have a right to say…..Boy I bet Mark Levin feels real proud – you showed us Mark….must be the Gedolay Oilam haven’t a clue what is really going on in the world…Are you kidding me? Why your comment was even posted the YW editor will deal with but it served no purpose.

  8. shoymer,
    dunno why you think i was questioning the gedolim. i was merly pointing out that they flew on shabbos anyway. as for me, i could fly CO or DL just as well.

    but all through the ages ther have been difference in opinion. For instance, Hillel and Shamai. They dont always agree with eachother. I remember when the ‘sheitel’ incident’ broke out, SOME rABONIM MADE A rUSH TO JUDGMENT AND ASKED US TO BURN THEM….at the same time there was ONE dayan in Europe who produced 18 HETERIM ON WHY IT WAS ALLOWED. AT THE END THERE WAS NO PROBLEM.
    So difference in opinion should not be aprobelm amongst us as far as the way they lead, because they differ in their opinions amongst themselves as well

  10. shoymer: I am aware of more than 1 incident where Gedolim were fooled by someone misleading them. They are gedolim, not Neviim. I also know of many instances where people wrote things bshem the gedolim that were absolutely fabricated.

  11. As of the the research i’ve made, there is almost nothing that EL-AL has promised to get this agreement, no veto, no money back if they break the agreement (agreed on what?), It sounds that el al came out the big winner here by even getting indorst by rabonim for promising nothing, why are we fooling ourselvs again???

    Dear YW editor face the facts! Don’t buy EL Al’s beloughny!!!