Yeshivaworld News roundup 1/11/07


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***UPDATED*** Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlita RY BMG has returned from a one week visit to EY to attend a family Simcha. He also met with leading Gedolim and delivered Shiurim in many Yeshivos throughout EY.

Yesterday close to  100 Bochrim participated in a written exam on the entire Mesechta Kesubos in Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. This is leading up to the major Siyum on Mesechta Kesubos which is scheduled for this coming Motzei Shabbos. The details will be on YW I”H tomorrow.

Tonight will be the Chasunah of the daughter of Rav Shachna Weinberger Shlita Morah D’asrah of Khal Shomrei Torah of Passaic NJ – and a Magid Shiur in Mesivta Tifereres Elimelech To the son of R’ Eli Schindler. The Chasunah is taking place in Ateres Chynka Hall in BP.

Rav Shlomo Brevda Shlita will be giving a Vaad tonight for Bnei Torah in BP at Bnei Yehuda 16th Avenue 53rd and 54th Streets in the downstairs BM at 8:30PM.

Yesterday the Mayor of Yerushalayim paid a visit to Maran Hagoen R’ Shmuel Berenbaum Shlita.

Tonight will be the Chasunah of the son of R’ Chaim Ozer Levovitz of Bais Hatalmud taking place in Chicago. Rav Nachman Levovitz Shlita RY Mir Yerushalayim & Rav Nissan Goodman Shlita R”Y Tiferres Elimelech – both uncles of the Choson are expected to attend.

R’ Yackov Cheshen Shlita from E”Y who was involved in a major car accident on the way to Lakewood last week to fundraise is in a coma at Jersey Shore Trauma Center. Please be Mispallel for Yackov Ben Miriam Leah.

This afternoon there was a massive Mamad Hachnosas Sefer Torah at the Skverer BM on Francos Place in Monsey B’hishtatfus the Skverer Rebbe Shlita. The Seuda Lichvoida Shel Torah will be I”H at 8:00PM in Ateres Charnah.

Rav Pinchos Breuer Shlita and Rav Tovia Schustal Shlita both Magidei Shiurim at Yeshiva Ateret Torah went to NYU Hospital today to visit the Yeshiva Bochur who was in the skiing accident a few weeks ago in Vermont. He is still unconscious please continue to be Mispallel for Eliyahu Chaim Ben Shafika.

The Bar Mitzvah of The Einikel Of C”K Admorim M’Rachmistrivk and Kaliv Shlita will be tonight at the Rachmistrivke BM in Boro Park at 8:00PM.

The Krula Rov Shlita Had An Einikel By His Eidim Rav Avrum Burech Shlita.


  1. Hagaon R’ Yitzchok Sorotzkin, Shlit”a will be speaking in Darchei Torah this Motzei Shabbos. He will also be giving a public farher on the entire mesechta.