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Rav Avrohom Blumenkrantz ZATZAL

candle2.gifab1.jpgWith a heavy heart, I report to you of the Petira of Horav Haposek Rav Avrohom Blumenkrantz ZATZAL. The Levaya details will be posted as they become available. Boruch Dayan Emmes…

UPDATE: The levaya will take place TOMMOROW (Friday) morning 9:30 AM at his shul 827 Cornaga Ave in Far Rockaway.

UPDATE: There will be another Levaya at 8:30PM Motzoei Shabbos at JFK Airport – Cargo Area “B”, Bldg 23. (Flight departs 11:50PM) (Pictures of Rabbi Blumenkrantz HERE.)

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  1. While I did not personally know Rav Blumendrants OBM my wife was privledged to have had him as a teacher for halacha, and only has fond memories of him. Klal Yisrael will surly miss him and the great work he did for all of us with his annual Pesach Guide.

    May H”B give strenght to his family and may they be comforted amoung the mounders of Zion

  2. I was privelged to have him as a teacher as well. He was an expert in Hilchas Shabbos and a wonderful human being.
    Klall Yisroel has lost a treasure!
    May he be a meilitz Yoisher for all!

  3. I was privileged to recieve shimush in halacha from Rabbi Blumenkrantz zt”l. My wife is a talmida of his. What a wonderful person he was, what a great loss! Hamakom yenachem osanu!

  4. Who can we turn to now?

    We sorely needed Rabbi Blumenkrantz to pull through. He was a King among the Kings. I am unaware of any Gadol who allowed himself to be accessible at all times of the day, or night, whether he knew the people or not. Furthermore he treated everyone with dignity, and didn’t make money/ or donations a matter of importance.

    Who can we turn to now? Ain Kamohu.

    Hashem please heed our call for the Geulah B’Karov, and in the meantime, may we be blessed with leaders that lead with such devotion as his.

  5. I was Zoche to daven in his shul for many years.

    I never heard a bad word come out of his mouth.

    We will miss him dearly.

    -a mispallel

  6. Many nice things will be said about such a talmid chochom and ehrliche yid. One thing speaks for itself though – he produced a ka”h wonderful family with his children all wonderful special people.

  7. Hamokom Yenachem Eschem…..

    May he be a maylitz yosher for his wonderful family, talmidim, talmidos, friends, and associates.

    He was a real mentch, tremendous talmid chochom, and a person whose emunah and bitachon were unfathomable.

  8. Although I never knew him personally Rabbi Blumenkrantz z”tl was my Pesach Rav. So many people inspired, so many people helped, so many lives touched… Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Bsoch Shaar Avelei Sion V’Yerushalayim…

  9. Boruch Dayan HaEmes!

    The Rav Zatz’l was my wife’s halacha Teacher, my one-on one Choson Class Rebbe and our Mesader Kiddushin, on this our 26th Wedding Anniversary.


  10. Boruch Dayan Emmes!! as already mentioned, many turned to his Pesach book each year to clarify & update the relevant shailos. what a tremendous
    loss not to have this Tzaddik with us. A most difficult Adar to be besimcha.

  11. what a sad day . he realy was a mzakah horabim 1000’s of yidden had a more koshure pasach & were oover les essurim becouse of him

  12. As a young man I was blessed with the opportunity to learn, quietly observe and spend precious time with Rav Avrohom Blumenkrantz ZTZAL. It is unbecoming for a regular person such as myself to even comment on such a true, pure and complete Tzadik. He was of the closest of talmidim of Rav Moshe Feinstein Ztz’l and the personification of the leader of Klal Yisroel which Rav Moshe Ztzl’ engendered at the Yeshiva. He came from a family of torah luminaries. I do not know if one can understand and comprehend the gravity of today’s loss. May he be a meilitz Yoisher for his dear family, and for Klal Yisroel whom he dearly and with limitless energy and devotion served and loved.

  13. Harav Avrohom Blumenkrantz Zatzal was a very special person. I was zoche to be of the few bochurim to have him a as rebbe in Yeshiva on Staten Island. He only taught boys for a couple of years before starting to teach girls in seminary. He treated everyone with the greatest respect. When one spoke to him, you felt as you were part of his family not as a stranger asking him a shaila. He kept a kesher with his talmidim and talmidos. May he be a meilitz yosher for his dear wife and children together with klal yisroel.
    A talmid a talmida of his.

  14. Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

    In regards to the Pesach digest, this year’s was already released. But then again, what about next year?!

    L’Shanah Habaah Birushalayim!!

    Rav Avrohom Blumenkrantz ZT”L was an amazing and WARM person to all who were zocha to know him! A person who dedicated his whole life for the tzibur. Boruch Dayan Emmes. Umach Hashem Dimma Mayal kol Pannim

  16. To Michel: We all tearfully, agree. He was not LIKE family to the Klal, he WAS family. Klal Yisroel lost a great role model for all.

  17. My wife had him as a halacha rebbi in high school so many years ago and whenever I would meet him in a store or at a simcha or even on the street I would go over to him and give him a sholom aleichem and he would know exactly who I was even though I never had him as a rebbe He just was an unbelievable person and a great Posek Hador. He will be surely missed by the thousands of his talmidos and by the many people that used his Pesach Digest for knowing what was Kosher L’Pesach or not.

  18. I never met him personally, though I was quite aware of his many chassodim and efforts on bhalf of the klal.
    I am so overcome with sadness. I cannot believe he is really no longer with us.
    May Hashem send us the much needed yeshuos.

  19. YW,

    Could you post a biography about the rav z”l ? I know he spoke english with an accent and assumed that he was born in Israel ? Any additional bio info would be appreciated. Thanx !

    What a GREAT LOSS for KLAL YISROEL Yehi Zichro Boruch
    we have have lost a TRUE TORAH YID
    “Mi Yeetain Lonu Tmuroso”

  21. מיתת צדיקים הרי היא כפרה לדור – יש לכוין בברכת “סלח לנו” בתפלת י”ח

    “Missas Tzaddikim mechaperes” (the death of the righteous atones for the generation’s sins.) It is now worthy to have extra kavana in the brocha of “Slach lonu”.

  22. What a tragic loss to Klal Yisroel. Thanks to his superhuman efforts on publishing his Pesach Digest, Hundreds of Thousands of Yidden knew what was permissible and what was not. I remember years ago with only 4-5 hours to Yom Tov, my husband wanted to call him with a complex Pesach Shaila. When he finally got through to him, he was so nice and in no rush to end the conversation, until my husband understood the Psak together with his reasoning.

    A true gem of a Tzaddik.

  23. My sympathies to the family. He will be sorely missed by the Jewish World.
    My wife and I were fortunate to be close with THe Rabbi and Shaindy when we lived in Far Rockaway and that gave us a great spiritual lift.
    May the family know no more sorrow.

  24. SO SAD what a loss, I always bought his PESACH book every year, what will we do with out this gadol
    Lately KLAL YISROEL is experiencing such tsaros, every week we hear of another sad story, We should all look at our own actions and see where we can improve ourselves.

  25. Boruch Dayan HaEmes!

    A Giant has left us.

    He worked tirelessly on our behalf

    I am sure he will continue to work on our behalf in the Olam HaEmes until we have our final redemption – may it be speedily.

  26. BORUCH DAYAN EMES We have lost a Torah Giant.

    The world knows more of Pesach through Rav Blumenkrantz, ZT”L. I must encourage everyone, however, to go past the Pesach lists of medicines, foods and other items to an area of the book that most people rarely, if ever, get to or know about. In the past, after the first 2/3rds of the book, there resided a rich and invaluable source of information to be used year round as well as Pesach. It included a very small sampling of the Rav’s vast knowledge. In this case, his knowledge of medicine and nutrition and the use of alternative healing methods, special diets and the care and treatment of foods to insure proper kosher foods for us all. Plus a selection of important, but often forgotten halachas.

    Last year much of this information moved up to the front chapters, but it still seems to be overlooked. I encourage everyone to benefit from all this wonderful knowledge. It certainly would be a fitting and proper remembrance, if we try to care for ourselves, at least as much as the Rav cared about us.

    Who will fill the void he leaves? Who can fill the void he leaves? The Pesach book’s annual lists are only part of the Rav’s great and caring legacy. But the rest of the book is one of the many loving gifts he gave us for K’lal Yisroel’s future. He is missed.

  27. Boruch Dayan Haemes

    What a sweet man with a warm and gentle heart. He always had the patience to listen and make time. But not only that, he changed my life and the course of my family’s life forever. May his memory be blessed.

  28. As far as biographic information is concerned

    “As a Bochur, Rabbi Blumenkrantz studied for a number of years in Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim on Bedford and Dean. ” (

  29. I was priveleged enough to have Rav Blumenkrantz as my rav in seminary, and must say that he’s one of the rabbanim that I respected the most. He always had such nice things to say to everyone, refused to start a single class until he ensured that everyone was happy. He held himself to such high standards, yet didn’t look down in any way on people that didnt “measure up to his standards”. I always knew that if I had any questions about any shaila, he’d have a well thought out answer for me, and make sure that I understand the answer well enough.
    Our Dor really is missing one of their great leaders now.
    Baruch Dayan Emes.
    I’m sure he has the best seat now in Gan Eden.
    They say that when Hashem loves a person so much, sometimes He wants them to be even closer to Him. Guess Hashem decided He missed the Rav too much, and wanted him close.
    He’ll be sorely missed.

  30. words can not describe the empty feeling that my family and i feel at this point.
    we knew the rov for close to 30 years and he helped us out in the most difficult of times.


  31. The Rav indicated that he always sold chametz the next year for those for whom he sold it the previous year, even if not requested. Does anyone know if arrangements have been made for a successor to sell chametz for the Rav’s previous “customers?” Does anyone know if the Guide for this year is complete and at the press? Its usually late, but will it even be out this year. This is a terrible loss for Klal Israel

  32. Does anyone REAllY understand the loss?

    EVERY single home relied on his Pesach book!

    This man has a HUGE golden platter waiting for him in the world to come.

    Me he rest in peace.

  33. Unfortunately I am unable to attend his funeral.

    I am writing this as a personal message to the Rov ZATZAL.

    We will miss you dearly….

    Who will fill your shoes?

    Please Hashem have mercy on us!

  34. Is there EVEN ONE Gadol B’Torah that answers his phone all hours of the day and night, and speaks to strangers with respect and patience and gives advice to all, like a father to a child? Can anyone name such a Gadol?

    I hope were not lost in the woods without Rav Blumenkrantz. May Hashem help us.

  35. To Brisker:

    The Klal relied on him 365 DAYS A YEAR, way more than Pesach- time, for being the Gadol whose Psak and advice we could get as easily and as quickly as if the Gadol were our father. How many other Poskim can be reached for advice so readily and warmly? He was the Klal’s second father.

  36. I knew Harav Blumenkrantz Z”tl personally.He was an Odom Godol and a great Tzaddik.

    He used to stop and say hello and ask how I was doing even with his very busy schedule.My wife and I used to call him for Shailos and he was Always patient and took the time to answer it and make sure we understood.

    He will be sorely Missed.

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Besoch Shaar Availay Tzion B’Yirushalyaim.


  38. Though I did not have Rabbi Blumenkrantz zt”l as a teacher, I personally benefitted from the Rav and so did people I know. I called Rabbi Blumenkrantz a few times with shailos, and was always answered right away. One time, an issue came up, and the Rav made time for me to personally speak to him in his home. I am so glad that I had the zechus to be in the tzaddik’s home, though only for a few minutes. When a certain medical sh’aila came up on Shabbos, we knew whom to turn to. I had the zechus to daven twice in the shul, and also heard Rabbi Blumenkrantz give a Navi shiur. His warm, gentle voice was such a pleasure to listen to. The Pesach book was a staple in my house; we are holding on to the copy from last year. A relative of mine had Rabbi Blumenkrantz as a teacher, both in high school and seminary. Another person I know had a major kashrus issue, and the Rav spent three days with her helping her sort it out – always patient, always helpful.
    What a tzaddik! Such a yoray Shamayim – just from reading the Pesach sefer, you can get a glimpse of his care in mitzvos. Always so helpful to Klal Yisrael . . . Spending time on the Country Yossi show before Pesach, answering shailos . . . A certain ahava that came through and was so evident to whoever had the zechus to speak with this tzaddik . . . I became more careful in a particular issue as a result of the Pesach sefer . . . Ribbono Shel Olam! Please help Klal Yisroel! The community has lost such a tzaddik . . . We should, ourselves, take care to speak with nachas and patience for everyone and help people as we can . . .

  39. What a tzaddik! While I was not zoche to have the Rav as my teacher in school, a relative of mine had Rabbi Blumenkrantz in both high school and seminary. Another person I know discovered a major kashrus problem in her kitchen. Rabbi Blumenkrantz spent 3 days with her, helping her straighten it out – and always, always so patient. I know that Rabbi Blumenkrantz used to take time to answer Pesach questions on the Country Yossi show. I had the zechus to daven twice in the shul and hear a Navi shiur by the Rav. Rabbi Blumenkrantz always spoke in such a pleasant, sweet way. I called up a few times with shailos, and was answered right away and with patience. Always so caring. Once, an issue came up, which I wanted to discuss with the rav personally. He made time for me – that day. I feel privileged to have had the zechus to be in the rav’s home. The caring, the warmth, the patience! Such a yoray Shamayim – we get a glimpse of this from the Pesach sefer – so careful in mitzvos! And caring for Klal Yisroel – telling us what we DO not have to do for Pesach – you don’t HAVE to move your fridge to clean underneath . . . We always knew we could rely on the sefer. I personally became more careful in a particular issue because of the sefer . . . Take the lesson of speaking b’nachas and with patience for others in Klal Yisroel . . . I wish I would have absorbed more . . . Rebbi, we beg your mechila! Please be a mailitz yosher for us! Just like you helpd us in the earthly world, please intercede on our behalf from your place up in Shamayim . . . What will Far Rockaway do without the tzaddik?! What will Klal Yisroel do?!

  40. Until the last moments of the departure of the Aron onto the plane, people were on line waiting to be given permission by Airport Security people, to stand next to the Aron, one or two people at a time. Until the Aron was being driven away, people didn’t want to leave.

    What testimony to how beloved he was.

  41. I had the great privlege of having Rabbi Blumenkrantz as my teacher in high school over 20 years ago. He permeated kedusha in everything he did. His kindness and caring, the way he related to us as students, the concern that he had for Hashem’s Torah, all of this made us realize that there was something so special about him.

    After I graduated I still called Rabbi Blumenkrantz from time to time. I remember that about a year ago I called him and asked him for advice for a situation that was difficult to me. He helped me see the situation in a spiritual way, that freed me from the emotional frustration of what was happening and allowed me to deal correctly. This is just one small example of what he did on a continual basis for anyone and everyone who solicited his help.

    I will always remember his kind gentle voice and his kind actions. May Hashem give comfort to his family.

  42. The Family plans to continue putting out the Rav Zatzal’s pesach sefer.The Rav was very involved in this years edition before he was niftar and the family with Hashems help will be putting out this years edition.

  43. For 13 years shortly after becoming baaley teshuva and leaving Forest Hills, we had the good fortune of moving to the Far Rockaway neighborhood, becoming active members of Rabbi Avraham Blumenkrantz, Z”tzl shul. We were a handful of houses between the shul and the Rav’s home and spent perhaps equal time in both. He was a modest Rab who saw himself as a talmid (muvhak- my insertion) of R Moshe Feinstein, Z”tzl and followed his derech in limud torah, melamed torah, psak halachah and devoted caring and service to Am Yisrael. To say that he was available to help any Yid 24/7 is an understatement. He was an inspiration to all. His love for the Klal Yisrael, his piety, his kedushah and his Daat Torah was always felt and brought one closer immediately. He was our Rav, my brother, my father. He is responsbile for the Bayit Ne’eman B’Yisrael that we have today- B’Yisrael. While Moshe Rabbeinu’s 24/7 involvement as a leader resulted in a marriage and family that is little mentioned in the Torah, with children that are not notable, the Rabbi had a beautiful and close relationship with his beloved wife, “Sheindele” and his brood of children having fulfilled pru u’rvu and raising up a dor m’vorach of the nicest children that anyone could pray for-each one a diamond- with Torah, Derech Eretz, the finest and sweetest of Midot. Our hearts and condolences go out to Rebbitzin Sheindele, the children and family, the congregation and Klal Yisrael who lost a husband, father, Rav Gadol, Posek, brother and friend. May he be a melitz yosher for the family and Am Yisrael. Since 1990 we have been living in Beit El, Israel and I am a Torah Tour Guide. Among my greatest pleasures and honors was to have guided Rabbi Blumenkrantz and showing him how I have developed in no small part because of his deep sterling influence. With love and a deep sense of loss- Avi and Fern Dobuler, Beit El, Israel [email protected]

  44. rabbi blumenkrantz! what a special yid. i never met a rav who made me feel so comfortable asking whatever it was that i needed. He made everybody so comfortable and would bend over backwards to accomodate them. whenever i called- if it was erev pesach, five minutes before shabbos, He would be there. It was always a good time for him to see anyone. Anytime I apologized for inconveniencing him, he said chas v’shalom. His davening on yamim noraim brought tears to everyones eyes. A clear, sweet voice that brought about such kavana in all who davened with him. He spoke with such warmth. I always felt like he really cared- like he was my father. My problem was his problem. Rabbi Blumenkrantz- we miss you.

  45. To write about the Rav Ztazal would use up all the Gigabytes of memory YW has.
    some bio I can write, he was born Eretz Yisroel but moved to Columbia as a young boy.
    I had the zechus to grow up in his Shul, and as an adult I looked to the Rov long after I moved out of the area.
    the rov had all the time in the world for everyone, and Palytzus not to be believed.
    The Rav would not only pasken or give an answer, but ensure the the person asking fully understood and was comfortable with the answer.
    We are all very familar with the Pesach book. what many may not knw is why he first wrote it. Besides ensuring that every one knew the halachos, it bothered him to no end that people were paying a 30-50% premium for a sticker that said Kosher for Passover, when the item need not have any extra supervison.
    ‘why should it be difficult for Klal Yisroel’
    The Rav Ztal, wrote about indian Shaitals 5 years before it became a world event!
    the love and Kedusha that eminated from him was not from this dor or this world.
    in his short 62 years, he accomplished what most people don’t in 200 years.
    even with the worst suffering, the rov had a kind word for everyone.
    the nurses in the hospital couldnot leave with a ‘thank you you should be blessed’
    k’Shmo Kein Hu
    Avraham Blumenkratz truly embodied the umud hachesed, beyond understanding. Every single yid was an olam moleh, and was trreated as such.
    Hashem should give his Knahara amazing Family ko’ach,
    hamakom yenachem bsoch avely ztion.
    a bereft talmid, son, friend, brother.
    kalak yisorel will miss you

  46. Just a footnote to my previous statements. As I am reading all the wonderful things being said about Rav Avrohom Blumenkrantz ZT”L, it hit me that this is the first thread that only nice and kind words have been written. Hopefully, he can accomplish in Shomayim what he accomplished here, and together with all the other great Tzaddikim can finally convince HaShem to send us Moshiach Tzidkainu, Amen.

  47. I am still in shock at the news. I spoke to him around a month ago, and as usual, he had worlds of patience for me and my questions. When I asked if the time was convenient, he had no problem with speaking to me then and there. I’m sure this was his way with everyone- always interested, always helpful. I had no idea that he was not well. What a tremendous loss for all of klal yisrael!

    Does anyone know details of shiva here in Israel?

  48. The Rov’s sons who took the niftar to Eretz Yisroel with be returning once the kevura is over and wll be sitting with the rest of the family in far rockaway.

  49. If I may say so – 62 is samech bais – sov. Interesting that this tzaddik, who was niftar at 62, had such an influence – sov – the world over – through the Pesach sefer . . .

    Does anyone know the Rav’s father’s name? Harav Avraham ben _____?

  50. If this is helpful to anyone, the exact house address is 814 Caffrey Avenue. If you are coming from Beach 9th, it is on the left side; if coming from Reads Lane, it is on the right.

  51. I am crying it is so sad. Where is he being buried? He was so young, nebach! Hashem Yerachem!! He should rest in peace. Did anyone find out if his fathers name is Chaim Menachem Ben Tzion or not? Is it accurate?

  52. I’ve already written that the Rav was buried on Har HaZeisim [why don’t people read previous comments?].
    The name is correct, that’s the name [of his father] which I heard last night at the Levaya here in Israel, and it also appears in Yated.
    Yated also published yesterday that the Rav’s sister will be sitting here in Israel. Details:
    Rabbanit Ba-Gad
    15 Rechov Pika, Petach Tikva
    Telephone 03-922-7923

  53. Who wasn’t touched by Rav Blumenkrantz! He was a true Oihav Yisroel! I will never forget when I went to a speech of his years ago and he spoke about how he can’t understand how someone could put up a fly catcher! Imagine the feelings he had for a fly! Last year he was in Maimonidies hospital and my mother is a volunteer there. She was there with my sister who was a Kallah at the time and you should have heard how he bentched her so warmly. When my mother told my father over the phone where she is he asked her to find out if it is possible for my father to speak to the Rav. My father at the time had a difficult shaila that he needed an answer to. The Rav told my mother, sure just take my hospital phone # and have your husband call me. My father called him and spent a half hour speaking to him! Thats Rav Blumenkrantz, taking the time to answer another yids question, someone he does not know who he is and even while he is in the hospital!
    My brother also spent one summer in Russia with the Rav’s son and they began talking about his fathers famous Pesach book that the world depends on. He told my brother you should only know how much money his father looses on it and yet he loves to do if for the Klal.

  54. Thank you to those who supplied the Rav’s father’s name.

    My father told me that the first time he met the Rav (we’re talking about forty years ago), the Rav was busy supervising a kailim mikva. When my father told this over last night when we went to be menachem avail, one of the sons said that the Rav did that quite often.

    Rabbi Blumenkrantz used to give a weekly shiur to women.

  55. He was an extremely pious and righteous man, who was deeply respected by all yidden of all sects, from Ashkenazim to Sefardim, Chasidic or Litvish, and Yeshivish to Modern.

    Zechus Yagun Aleinu.

  56. Rabbi Blumenkrantz ZT’L was a world-renown expert on many controversial issues ranging from the mundane to intensely complicated kashrus matters. He was the brains and force behind many of the contested kashrus issues that have been raised in the orthodox communities in recent years. His yearly Passover Digests are the staple of every Jewish home for their Pesach preparations. He was a talmid of Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”L whom he quoted extensively.

    We all mourn for the spiritual giant that has been taken from us. May his special neshamah bring yeshuas for am yisroel from his place near Hashem.

  57. I never met Rabbi Blumenkrantz; however, I do have the privilege of knowing two of his sons, David and Tuvyah. If our children are a reflection of who we are as parents, then Rabbi Blumenkrantz’s children have reflected back on him to have been an extraordinary man. I am very sorry for his family’s loss.

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