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Miami: Police arrest thug with BB gun outside Shul

bb gun.jpgAt about 6:45 PM on Shabbos, children were playing in front of Khal Chassidim. Three teenagers, one about 16 years old and two about 12 years old approached the children with the agenda of intimidating them. When the children would not give them the Frisbee they were playing with, the trouble makers took it. Older children from the nearby Shuls tried to get the trouble makers to move on. The situation escalated ending with an older youth from a Shul being punched in the head.

The perpetrator left the scene and returned in a vehicle driven by the mother of the two other trouble makers. As the perpetrator was exiting the vehicle, it was noticed from the other side of the car that in his hand was a gun. He was immediately placed on the ground by bystanders and the gun removed from his hand before he had an opportunity to use it. The gun turned out to be a BB gun.
County police quickly arrived and after speaking to the perpetrator, the others involved and the witnesses, arrested the perpetrator.

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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Why wasn’t the mother arrested, I’m sure she knew he had a gun, BB gun or not. I know someone who was hurt very badly, and had to have surgery, after being shot in the stomach.

  2. I forgot to say, my daughter watched this happen, she was a few houses away. Very scary. Lucky that there was a group of kids smart enough to get the gun away, and keep him there for the police. And what about the other two kids, shouldn’t they have to pay as well.

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