Spring Valley: Matzoh bakery….in a SCHOOL BUS??


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burnt bus.jpg(Seeing is believing!! Click HERE to watch the video!!) Police in Spring Valley busted a family who they say converted a school bus into a matzoh making factory. Police say a neighbor on Wilshire Drive complained of smoke Friday morning. According to police, they found a school bus equipped with an oven, fans, an exhaust pipe and supplies.Police say the bus had been operating as an oven for almost three years. Some neighbors say the school bus oven isn’t kosher – literally. There were live gas lines in the bus and police say if something went wrong it could have been catastrophic.

Police say the school bus oven has been disconnected and the owners will be fined by the building department.

(Source: News 12)


  1. Wrong, yes. But if the wheels were chocked or similar precautions taken against the bus moving accidentally, is it really that different from a mobile home or Winnebago with LP gas lines?

    And S. Spring Valley is not a very religious area except for these and a some other chassidishe families. It’s not likely the oven or bus weren’t kosher. The neighbor probably meant that in the sense that she didn’t think it was safe.

    Overall though, ‘crummy’ news to hear about while we’re cleaning for chometz.

  2. this story would be better if this was done out the back / side of a an rv toy hauler like the kind with a ramp on the back and they would be goibng from “place to place” selling shmura matzas like the way ice cream trucks sell ice ceam in the summer time.

  3. WOW! You can think that they “busted” the biggest “crime scene”!!!

    They actually put together a fancy map and all other graphics!

    This is silly!! Can’t you see how the bus is only like a shell? I personally think its a better idea and much safer than baking Matzos in a basement. You can ‘very clearly’ see how well ventulated it is, and the whole bus is full of windows. Very smart idea.

    If a Yid was the one to call authorities, well, there is a cheshbon up-there!

    I really hope that this family isn’t fined for the Bakery. From the pictures, is sure doesn’t look like they can afford it.

  4. Why can’t people just do things, by the book? Building and fire codes are there for a reason.

    This is a tremendous chillul Hashem. She tells the reporter, that its in the bus, because its a religous bakery. Oy..

  5. kimdoo,
    A RV is built from scratch to have a kitchen in it, and unlike this bus, it is built with government regulations that make sure it is safe to have a little oven inside (not a big MATZOH oven ). If anything were to go wrong (in a RV) there are safety features that are there to help out in case of emergency.

    You can’t just pull buses into your backyard and turn them into bakeries, IT’S PLAYING WITH FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m trying to understand what the family was thinking, didn’t they know that they’ll eventually get caught,
    And yes there are ways to bake MATSOHS without making such a chillul hashem,
    I’m embarased of this whole story, my non-jewish buisness associates are asking me about this story and believe me it’s pretty embarasing.

    Baruch hashem there are many bakeries today, there was no reason to make this dangerous one.


  6. The chilul Hashem was done by the one who reported this Matzoh bakery to the police! The bus is very well situated out of sight. Probably without a possibility of it causing any harm to anyone…

    It looks like the owner of the bakery did everything possible to avoid a ‘chillul Hashem’. …But unfortunately, we do have some among us who “Don’t Fargin”! …A real serious Aveiroh!

  7. Envoy are you serious????? It could have easily started a fire and with all those trees around, woah.

    And if it was Shabbos then why were any of them even talking to her at all???

  8. why didnt she tell them that the jews who left egypt by bus – didnt have time to get off and bake bread so they stayed on the bus and baked matzos right there!! a chilul hashem no matter which way you look at it

  9. Envoy. Ever heard of dina demalchusah dinah? You can’t just do as you please and think that its ok because its for a mitzvah. Peoples lives and houses were in danger because of them. When will am yisrael wake up and be realistic.

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  10. Envoy –

    Adar has been over for a couple of weeks, so enough with the jokes.

    I truly hope you don’t believe that the perosn who called the PD/FD is at fault here.

    What should they have done? Waited for a diasater? Yes, I know it has been there for 3 years, that doesn’t make it safe.

    I’m also sure that who ever called knew about the bus for some time and may have had enough of living in danger. Why else would they have called on Shabbos morning?

    Afterall they did smell smoke on Shabbos, I would assume they felt they were in danger, they wouldn’t, ‘chalila’, think they were baking Matzos on Shabbos.

  11. speaking of dina demalchusah dinah…

    … The town of Ramapo provides a chometz burning site, yet year after year people decide to do their own burning – some with permits and others without permits. The Police circle the community all morning looking for the illegal (dangerous) fires.

    It isn’t worth the risk friends – if you live in the monsey vicinity, go to the group burnings

  12. “I personally think its a better idea and much safer than baking Matzos in a basement.”

    As if those are the only two choices, a school bus or a basement. How about a legal bakery, conforming to building and fire codes?

  13. And for all the naronim who keep babbling about the terrible people who turned them in: What are you waiting for? Another New Square type fire? Why don’t you understand that these people are endangering others?

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  14. The person that called police did so because they smelled smoke- they did a smart thing. Not necessarily did they know what the source of the smell was and that they would be getting someone in trouble. I’m happy that they caught it before a catastrophe happened, and not c’v after.

  15. why did they do it? kdei sheyesholooh hatinokos?(so the children will ask)
    they used a school bus so when a child sees a school bus in a driveway he will say why are you doing it and we will answer avadim hayeenoo lipharoah bimitzraim

  16. How is this not loshon horah?

    YW editor it is not to critisize you, it is a question. (I noticed that you ommited my comment from this morning)

  17. Thanks mdlevine for posting the follow-up article!!!
    Great Job!

    To all you —–haters:

    Wait and see Rabbi Winternits WILL be baking Matzos legally soon… I figured right away that he did it right!

    You all get so excited when the Media “catches” a “Chosid” or an “Ehrlich Yid” do something “terribly wrong”!!

    The taxes bother you and what not… (Let’s just see every penny tax YOU paid??? — or didn’t!)

  18. so far the building inspector has publically said that the personal use bakery is LEGAL!!! (sorry to disappoint you nikki) with some minor revisions: 1) move 10 feet from the house 2) provide engineer study for safety of ventilation and use of gas (the stoves can work as wood burning stoves if the gas is shut). NOTE: No fines where issued by either the building inspector or the Police.

  19. Himmelstein, I like that. where’d u get ur sense of humor from?

    MissInformed, do u know the rest of the song?

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