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Monday Feb 20 2006 – 7:45 pm

Modern Orthodoxy-like the rest of Orthodoxy and, in fact, the entire Jewish community-is facing a singles crisis. Some aspects of this problem, as well as ways in which it is being addressed, are unique to Modern Orthodoxy as distinct from both the Charedi (ultra-Orthodox) world and the Jewish community at large. Our panel of experts will address issues such as: Is there a distinctive Modern Orthodox approach to dating/shidduchim? When is it ethical to date more than one person at a time? How do we decide what criteria are really important to us in a partner? What can be done in the Modern Orthodox community, within a halachic framework, to effectively address the singles issue? Panelists will include Rabbi Dr. Tsvi Blanchard, Dr. Nomi Mark, Chananya Weissman of End the Madness, and Marc Goldman of Saw You at Sinai.

Contact Information: www.jccmanhattan.org