LIVE WEBCAST AT 5:15PM EST: Annual Chabad Shluchim Convention


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[Webcast in extended article]

This year, for the eight syear, tens of thousands of viewers from around the world will be able to view the International Kinus HaShluchim banquet live on a broadcast made possible by the organizers of the Kinus. The live streaming webcast begins at 5:15pm on Sunday, Nov. 27 with opening remarks from the director of the International Kinus Hashluchim, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

The highlight is always the traditional roll call of countries and regions which is followed by spirited dancing.


  1. For all the fanfare of Lubavitch, Reb Ahron Kotler Zatzal, whose Yohrtzeit is today 2 Kislev, did much more for Yiddishkeit in America. By sending his Talmidim to found Yeshivohs and Kollelim all over the country, which is spiraling to this day, they make an enormous impact in spreading Torah True Judaism in the U.S.
    Yehi Zichroi Boruch!!!

  2. R’Shneur Said “If not for you (1 particular Lubavitcher) there would be no Lakewood”. I heard it direct…. He said it to the person directly .
    Ask the Rebbitzen if this is possible? (She Knows the story of why he would say it)
    If you want to say R’Aharon Achieved and devoloped a comunity which is achieving Ad Hayom Hazeh! you are correct. But why associate a machlokes.
    If you want it to be “Ikvisoh D’mishichoh then don’t make it “Mitzvos Sh’adam Dosh B’Akovov!