AUDIO: Jake Stern Radio Show #13 – Now On YWN (Special Interview With Rav Dovid Weinberger About Shalom Bayis & Marriage)



In his latest YWN Radio show, Jake Stern discusses the following issues:

* Jake speaks with the renowned Rav Dovid Weinberger of Shaarei Tefilah in Lawrence, NY– a fascinating discussion about marriage, relationships, and shalom bayis. Rabbi Weinberger offers many insights on improving your marriage and overall happiness.

* The UN’s moment of silence for evil dictator Kim Jong Il.

* The plight of Alan Gross, the American Jew imprisoned in Cuba for distributing phones to fellow Jews.

* Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest statement on peace negotiations.

And lots more!

YWN is proud to be hosting the Jake Stern Radio Show, a conservative radio show, to be published twice a week.

Jake Stern is a true conservative. He cares deeply about his country and is a man of true principle. His powerful and unique analysis of news and politics is refreshing. You’ll be hooked–it’s hard to deny the truth when you hear it loud and clear!

The shows will be available on the web, and by also calling the YWN Newsline at 718-506-1111, press option 4 for radio shows. Previous shows are archived on the hotline as well.

The Jake Stern show will be available on YWN Radio in the near future, as well as many other exciting features.

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