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WATCH: Police Arrest ‘Peleg Yerushalmi’ Protesters After Light Rail, Buses And Highways Are Shut Down

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  1. I always thought that for Chilul shem shomayim yom kippur is not mechaper. These guys are playing with fire and I can not imagine how they will not get burned.

    Will one chiloni walk away from witnessing such a scene and say “Gee, maybe the Chareidim are really good people and should be exempted from the draft. What were we thinking?” I think not.

  2. who gave those losers a right to stop other’s cars, sit on it? Besides Chilul Hashem that some misguided or brainwashed people call Kiddish Hashem, what halocha permits them to disturb other people and their property? I think police is too nice to them, but this will end very soon as I think people are getting tired of those so Called “talmidim who pretend to learn all day long” but in reality running around and causing so much problems to everyone including other haredi people. I am very surprised that no one yet got hurt by a passing car after jumping in front of it. I suggest to may them & their parents (if they are minor) to pay for the expenses they cause, maybe this way they will stop this nonsense which does not help their cause and just makes more enemies.

  3. Basically they are counting on the goodness of the chilonim not to push forward.
    I wonder who’s the better person.

  4. All of you have no clue what your talking about…as usual the antisemitic YWN did it again…causing fighting and hate in klal yisrael…

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