VIDEO: Is the Ulpana Battle Underway?


Graffiti including “Death to Arabs”, “Regarding from Ulpana” and “Regards from Gilad Farm” was left on vehicles and the N’vei Shalom (Wahat al-Salam) School. The tires of a number of vehicles were slashed as well in the erev Shabbos vandalism attack in the mixed community where Jews and Arabs reside.

The community situated near Latrun was chosen as the target as the fate of the five apartment buildings in the Ulpana neighborhood of Shomron community of Beit El was sealed when the bill to save the buildings suffered a defeat in Knesset last week.

According to a Kol HaYehudi report, 14 tires were slashed in the 8 Sivan 5772 attack. The graffiti was painted on a number of the vehicles as well.

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The community was established by Bruno Hussar in the 1970s, billing itself as a “Pluralistic Spiritual Center on a pleasant corner of a hilltop and compromises the House of Silence for reflection and meditation and the Meeting, Prayer and Study House…”

While there is an equal number of Jewish and Arab families in the hope of setting an example of dual existence; when the Mavi Marmara the community was divided. The Arab members of the town council hung a sign in Hebrew, English & Arabic decrying the naval commando operation.

The Jews decried their neighbors calling IDF naval commandos “murderers” and countered with a sign demanding the release of Gilad Shalit. So much for their dream of coexistence as fellow Israelis as the disagreement spread to the school and other areas of life, with some of the Jewish residents calling to oust the Arabs from the community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Since it is the habit of the Israel Desk to mix opinion and news indiscriminately, why is there no condemnation of the thuggery of the behemos?