WATCH THIS: Chassidim Cover Movie Screens On Airplane


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It is unknown where this flight was flying to, or if this was a privately chartered flight but the video speaks for itself.

After the screens are covered, some passengers break out in applause.


  1. I am trying to understand the point of publishing this video with a title of ‘WATCH THIS’. If the screen was covered to prevent others from looking at unwholesome images, I believe this would be a good thing to do. Publishing such an article, without providing the full details, only generates ill feelings for Jews who take their Judaism seriously. Is that the intended purpose of the I would hope not.

    While walking away from Rosh Hashana, albeit the diverse readership this website has, I would hope for the editors to display tolerance and compassion for all styles of our rich Jewish fabric. After reading this article’s title, I began to ponder the myriad ways in which this website has drastically changed from it’s inception. Responsible journalism is dead – nail, meet coffin. Is there no shame to stir the flames of hate among sects of Judaism? Seriously?

  2. If it isn’t their airplane, they will be arrested when it lands and put on an airline “do not fly list.” An alternative is not to look at the screen (and in some cases, ask for a seat that doesn’t offer clear view of the screen).

  3. i am not chassidish, nor would I cover the screen, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with what they did. It very clearly seems to be a chartered flight, and as long as it isn’t affecting other potential viewers, why shouldn’t they be able to cover it?

  4. Gotta love the fake phony comment in number 1 – “Ruchi” (Yea right….probably his name is Chaim or something…but that’s another story).

    YWN publicized a KIDDUSH HASHEM! Instead of thanking YWN you start with the bashing and then have the audacity to bring in the “rosh hashanah” into the mix. Why didn’t you instead use the traditional “LASHON HARA!” war cry?

    What fake.

    Keep it up YWN. They were mekadesh shomayim birabim – shomayim in the literal sense

  5. Despite how “seriously you take your Judaism” this can be an act of Kiddush Hashem or Chilul Hashem – depending on missing details…

    Being serious about Judaism doesn’t always equal Kiddush Hashem – we know that all to well…

  6. I can understand how someone who lacks religious sensitivities can scoff at others who choose to guard their eyes form non-kosher images. Scoffers will always look in disdain at any action that is in contempt of their secular lifestyle.
    Let’s take a step back and understand that we are living in God’s world. He created this world with His rules. Unlike Western secular belief that this world should be governed by democracy and man-made law – Judaism teaches us otherwise. God is a dictator, who wields absolute authority. Unlike modern dictators who abuse power for personal gain, the Jewish God of the World is a benevolent dictator who gives us life, blessing and prosperity in both this world and the world to come.
    The rules of His world are delineated in His Torah. One of these constant rules is for a Jew to guard their eyes from immorality. The Torah clearly says: “Don’t be misled by your heart and eyes” (Bamidbar 15:39). I think everyone will agree that looking at unwholesome images on a video screen will not bring one’s heart closer to God.
    For those who argue with these basic Jewish beliefs and criticize actions in line with mitzvah observance, would they feel the same way if nude images were being screened? I will hopefully assume that nude images would bring a unified response of protest to cover the screen. If this is the case, the loftier sensitivities of some should not be dismissed as ‘off the wall’ or fanatic acts. Rather they should be viewed with a tolerant eye with the understanding that holier people have greater religious sensitivities.
    In closing, since G-d created both us and the entire world it is really only His opinion that matters. Who do you really believe that G-d will scoff at? Those who looked at unwholesome images or those who covered them up?

  7. ruchi 9/26
    the eibishter didnt give choice menu of ‘sects ‘ or ‘movements. he gave one torah either you believe this or not. and one of the 613 is ‘lo sasuru achrei eineicehem’

  8. Every seat can have it’s own private screen. You can not force people to watch things that they do not want to watch.
    We can take for an example a movie about a lot of people getting killed left and right, you can ask your RAV, he will tell you that this can cause you to become desensitized. In other words, in the coming days you may hear about many news articles about people going on suicide missions in many countries, many different malls, train stations, the list goes on and on and on. Do you really want to hear in the future all kinds of murder, mass murder through ISIS. All this could have started maybe from movies and then the people get desensitized and now starts maybe the real stuff.