WATCH: Is This How NYPD Officers Are Supposed To Drive? You Watch, You Decide



  1. Stupid rouge cop. At least twice in this short clip, he nearly hit another vehicle. A total reckless idiot. Just to fill his quotas of tickets? Blowing thru a stop sign in the wrong lane at the busy intersection of Reads Lane? He did NOT have his flashing lights on. These lowlife overweight donut eaters are NOT our friends.
    I hope this video will be publicized and handed over to the proper authority (Councilman), or at least make a citizens arrest.

  2. The law enforcement officer was in pursuit of the black crossover. He did not wish to turn on his lights and sirens earlier so as to let on the crossover. Parts of Far Rockaway are like a war zone and the police are required to take aggressive measures to keep us safe.

  3. The 101 drives like this all day n night throughout Far Rockaway, complete disregard for the law… also they are never sitting in THOSE spots on the Sabbath/Holidays…