WATCH THIS: People Destroy Car at Levaya of Skulener Rebbe


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This video is at the Monsey Levaya / Kevura of the Skulener Rebbe ZATZAL.

These people climbed on top of this car to get a better view, causing serious damage to the vehicle.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. YWN: you may want to soften up the news header for all to see.
    People: be more aware of your surroundings not to damage other people’s property regardless to the reason of the gathering

  2. Destroyed????? Damaged roof also unacceptable
    point2 is these clips and headlines detract from the lessons of the day to live as a yid and improve in the areas the rebbe stressed
    The same way we didn’t take fulladvantage of the rebbe bechayav even today we are missing the main point by counting cops and horses

  3. Am I missing something? The headline says it’s at the Skulener Rebbe’s levaya but in the article you write
    “This video is at the Monsey Levaya / Kevura of the Vishnitzer Rebbe ZATZAL”

  4. A Non Jewish co worker from monroe rightly complained once a levaya was friday and the “tsadikim” left tgeir cars in place due to shabos causing problems for others to travel. And if theySee they are damaging the car they should at least get off!

  5. What on earth is wrong with these people?! This is lacking the most basics of middos and really, just humanity. How dare you climb on someone’s vehicle to get a better view?! It’s called a chossid shoita, probably not even thinking, in their zeal to get the best view. Shame, especially at the levaya of one of our biggest Tzaddikim, a human being who elevated himself to superhuman levels. A man that lived for the klal.

  6. It’s not L loshaon hara if no names and faces are shown. YWN is trying to make a discussion for Jews all around the world-act like a mensch and be aware of how you treat people and their property.
    Thank you YWN for spreading this message. All mechanchim and mechanchos, as well as parents, can use this valuable video to teach real lessons

  7. How do you know who’s car it was ? Maybe it was one of theirs ? Maybe they had permission. Enough of this bad mouthing!!! People are good. We do wrong things sometimes usually by mistake. Enough loshon hora

  8. the main thing is, who is going to pay for the damage of the car?
    the people that were standing on it should pay. that would be the right thing to do.
    it could be a few hundred of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  9. while the people on the car are wrong those who parked their cars there should’ve had more SEICHEL and park somewhere else.
    but i guess wanna bees will ………..

  10. Nebach: You say “How do you know who’s car it was ? Maybe it was one of theirs”

    You are either trolling or totally clueless. Either way, WHY would anyone himself or together with 8 of his chrevrah climb on the roof of a car causing obvious body damage?? What ;possible purpose could they have in knowingly doing so beyond what most posters above has observed…they have no respect for private property and willingly vandalize someone else’s property for no apparent reason.

  11. @Gadolhadorah

    My point is , when you say “they” who are you referring to? Chassidim? All yidden? All those at the Levaya? You sound like you are a hater , and I hate haters!

  12. Nebach: “THEY” are the ehrliche yidden standing on the roof of the car. If you cannot figure that out, not sure what else to say. P.S. I’m glad you “hate” haters…..I hate those who willingly damage others’ property.

  13. In the olams zealousness to show repsect to the niftar, they in turn embarrassed this heralded tzaddik. Maybe funerasl should be held in secret so the family can spend their anninut in private.

  14. CTRebbe what are you saying? that it is okay to make a chillul hashem in public? that YWN is allowed to post this so that other yidden can publicize their hatrid towards a different type of yid? come on! why doesnt YWN post a story whenever a non-religious Jew in new hampshire robs a home or mugs someone? why can we target the good ones?

  15. Yadleyad: I don’t think YWN is publicizing hatred of anyone. Hopefully, the guys on the car were just not thinking and were too absorbed in their own desire to get a better look. They know who they are. It’s a wake-up call to them and all others who act like them to stop and think before you act. Who said anything about a different type of yid? Is it a chilul Hashem when a Rov gets up at a teshuva drasha and tells people about how they should stop doing aveira X and Y? No that is a kiddush Hashem. It means that aveira X & Y are bad and that responsible Jews should take action to avoid that.
    Mizvos bein adam lechaveiro are miztvos too. It means that we Jews should be held to a standard and not act like self-centered behaimos. If you want to bring up the length of the perpetrator’s coat that is your business.

    nebuch: Yes most people are good, but these people did something bad. It is possible there is more to the story but the likelihood is that these guys did something really dumb and damaged someone’s property.