Video Of Interest: Thousands Protest Arrest of Yeshiva Student – Dumpsters Set Ablaze



  1. Too bad you dont have a video of the violence the police used tonight. I was there – they ruthlessly clubbed people, broke skulls and any bones they could get their filthy hands on. My friend saw them crack someone’s foot totally in half. They charged into a fruit store and viciously beat the costumers.
    They blasted out windows of random buildings with their water cannon.
    It reminded me of Nazi germany – but it would be an understatement to call them nazis – they’re reshoim gemurim – it says in chazal “gadol hamachtio yoser min hahorgo” – Worse is one who causes one to sin than one who kills
    They want to annihhalate Religous Jews – and when they realize that they their evil tactics to cause all jews to go off the derech isnt working – this is what they do!

    Moderators Response: For the record, YWN has confirmed with every hospital in the Jerusalem area, that there was not one person hospitalized with a skull fracture. Your entire drasha after that is worthless after such a blatant lie.

    Just noticing your screename…. Is it a Chumra to exaggerate and lie? And also, does your rosh yeshiva know your using Internet in your Dira?

  2. So far nothing new. We aren’t using C-4 yet, and they aren’t using machine guns for crowd control, yet. The situation hasn’t deteriorated yet.

    But we need to understand that for the zionist state to survive they need to destroy the hareidi community one way or another, and by resisting them (and not just pertaining to conscription) we are threatening their existence.

  3. As a bochur I went to plenty of hafganus and I can tell you if you start burning bins and you start taunting instead of being peaceful what do you expect. Go drive at 200 kph without seat belt and at night with no lights you will suffer the consequences. You should all grow up sit and learn and stop moaning about the police violence all you do is give them an excuse by going in the first place.