Video Of Interest: ‘Revenge’ Protest In Jerusalaem


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  1. This is very saddening. Why are we fighting now?! True, it’s very upsetting and tempers are flaring thirsting for revenge. I too wish they’d wipe all those animas off the face of this earth but why should WE be fighting now?!!

  2. The PLO was driven out of Lebanon and Hizbollah came instead. Sadam was killed in Iraq and Bin-Laden came instead. Bin Laden was killed now we fear the ISIL who are much worse than all of them. Getting rid of Hamas will not solve the problem – ONLY TORAH UMITZVOS WILL KEEP US SAFE!

  3. I was caught up in it in my car for a few minutes. I didn’t see any violence, just young people chanting, waving flags and giving out stickers demanding revenge & one that says HaRav Kahane was right. I put them on my car.