FRIGHTENING AUDIO: The Phone Call Made To Police At The Time Of The Kidnapping



  1. When will we wake up?
    Ad mossay?
    Are we blind?
    When will we stop acting by emotions and think with our brains?
    We respond the same way as they respond, revange! nuke them! Extermination! This language fits for animals not for am segoule.
    Lets start using our brains!!
    The first yid used his brain! When Avrohom destoyed the idols he used his brain for pure logic! Wood and stones cannot do or help anyone!
    Even if his whole generation said the opposite!
    We all know that revange will NEVER HELP! It will only make things worse.
    But we still scream revange! Cause we dont want to think about the real problem.
    Who decided we should fight till death for this land? Bibi? Ben gourion? Hertzel? Ymshmom, is it a yehoreg veal taharoig?
    Is it ok to send thousand of jewish kids to the battle cause we decided we must live here? Is jewish blood so cheap!!!!!!????

  2. Seeing that one can hear the shooting, the police & army must have known all along that they were no longer among the living!

  3. From what I can hear, the voice of the men who are saying ” Rosh L’Matah”, (heads down) sounds like an Arabic accent not Israeli. To me it sounds authentic with all the commotion.
    I guess they get a lot of these phone calls, I just don’t know.
    What I do know is that I listened to Rabbi Weinreb recorded shiur tonight from the OU website. I would recommend it highly for anyone who wants answers about this tragedy. Very insightful and inspiring.