WATCH: Palestinian Terrorists Warn Israelis To ‘Run To Avoid Vehicular Terror Attacks’




  1. everyone needs to click on the link to view this video in youtube and then flagget in order to report it to YouTube.the more of us that flag it and report it as dangerous harmful anything else that they have over there it will be viewed by YouTube and YouTube will be forced to take it off according to normal circumstances. Okay everyone, you have work to do. Now go do it!

  2. The headline is a little misleading. It seems like it’s at a real attack. It should read video by Palestinians promote vehicle terrorist attacks. THIS VIDEO IS OUTRAGEOUS.

  3. Report the video to them. If they dont know about it, they cant do anything about it. Where is abraham foxman and his adl people, this is right up their alley.

  4. why haven’they removed it? how many have reported it. go ahead it takes 30 seconds. find another tomorrow, and another the day after that. it’s worth half a minute dontcha think?

  5. YWN readers don’t necessarily have access to YouTube (I think some
    filters/providers offer the option to play only embedded videos).

    Anyway, I don’t see why this would be removed when the
    “T’kof, Taaseh Biguim” videos haven’t been…