Rep. John Yarmuth Slams Netanyahu’s Speech ‘Now the Prime Minister Can go Home’


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  1. Now he will go home and deal with the underminers Mr. Bambi sent to his country to campaign for his opponents!
    Yes dope, now he will go home!
    And you talk about undermining!

  2. This guy is so funny. He says that we can’t get an ideal deal but we can put an end to the nuclear program. Isn’t that an ideal deal?
    Wanting to not die in a nuclear war is the same as going to Disneyland every day… I hear…

  3. Mr. Yarmuth, thank you for holding a news conference so soon after the PM’s speech. So now we know that although you had no guts to stand up to the lame duck sitting in the white house and destroying our great nation (with your help of course), that you did indeed watch the PM’s speech.
    If you think Mr. Bohner and Mr. Netanyahu are playing politics, what exactly was the purpose of your speech in front of the cameras.
    I pray and hope that the people of the great state of KY will remember at the next election how in an hour of need you abandoned our greatest ally in the middle east, and would probably do the same to your fellow constituents (as you have done with ObamaCare) in the future.

  4. yarmuth rhymes with your mouth. anyone who places party over principle ahould not be elected as a representative of people and speks with someone elses mouth( guess who).. rememebr you do not represent the president or the democrat oparty but the people of kentucky who hopefully at the next election will require you to get a real job.even nancy pelosi did not have the temerity to speak as “your mouth” did.

  5. This Quizzling reminds me of the Judenraat. They ended up getting killed as will this guy if Obama gets his way with this deal

  6. Some commenters here seem to be so enamored with their idolatry (Zionism) and its leader that they don’t stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, there is much more to politics behind the scenes than revealed, and the Zionist leader’s speech and visit was, in fact, simple fear-mongering and politics, as Rep. Yarmouth noted.

    One thing here is certain: this whole episode is greater than the usual hisgarus baUmos that the Zionists love to engage in.

    Speaking condescendingly to a political body of gentiles (and some Jews) that is also generally among your greatest friends is, of course, par for the Zionist course, and, of course, absolutely “un-Jewish” and anti-Torah.

    Unfortunately, as in the days of Mordechai, many seem unable to recognize this, to see past the veil of Zionist lies and confusion.