WATCH: Shlomo Rechnitz Pays For U.S. Soldiers Meals In Airport in Shannon, Ireland


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World renowned philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz of Los Angeles paid $50 per meal for approximately 400 U.S. Soldiers in an airport in Shannon, Ireland. He saw them eating standard army food while all the other passengers in the terminal were eating in trendy and appetizing restaurants. Rechnitz then asked their commander if he can give them something extra. This is Rechnitz offering words of appreciation to the soldiers after the commander agreed.


  1. What a great person….Looks like one huge Kiddush Hashem X 400, now times that by everyone each of the 400 tell (kids friends,family etc , ) not to mention every one who will read or hear about this story on the news !!!

    wow what a Kiddush Hashem

    this is priceless …..but can be had on this massive scale for 20K ( they can also be free by simply being nice to everyone …)

    $10, $20 or $50 or simply being nice can buy a Kiddush Hashem ……lets take a cue, find the opportunity and make it happen today

    Mi Kamcha Yisrael

  2. While this is a very nice thing to do, it’s so Sad that so many people Think this is the Biggest קידוש השם! This Man’s own Father-in-law, R’ Belsky, someone who knows ד׳ חלקי שו״ע, all the people who are weren’t yet defeated by today’s נסיונות, is the REAL קידוש השם!!!

  3. OfCourse he’s world renowned. imagine if every time the wolfsons or hundreds of other baalei chesed (public and private) did any one of their endless acts of gemilas chasodim that theyeshivaworld would broadcast it to the entire frum velt .. imagine how world renowned they would be.