WATCH: Selichos 5776 With Yehuda Green


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  1. I was zoiche to be by Reb Shlomo for Selichos. It was the highest of the high. Mamash a gevald! Yehuda is gantz fein.But Green to Carlebach is like pasta to Meisner’s chulent. We are a dor yasom

  2. I can see this as being good therapy for people who are depressed – being be’simcha is very important – but lakol zeman ve’eis. Soon it will be Succos and time for simchos beis hasho’eiva. Right now it is time for teshuva and introspection. It seems so far fetched to me that this type of selichos would arouse hirhurei teshuva: feelings of regret, cheshbon hanefesh and practical plans how to correct one’s ways.

  3. Mark Levin; It may not be your minhag or mine but that’s pretty nasty to call it a “stinkin’ concert”. If that gives them feelings for ruchniyos and closeness to Hashem, hakol revach. Just the noshim shouldn’t be dancing with such a low mechitza.