WATCH: Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman Davening At The Kever Of The Ribnitzer Rebbe In Monsey


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  1. To No. 1

    Many of the former Soviet Yidden who were generally not frum or observant, treated the Ribnitzer as ther “rebbe” in a sort of mystical sense. He never held himself out as a “Mekubal” as we sometimes see ads here on YWN for visiting rabbonim from EY scheduling appointments etc. However, as you correctly note, the Ribnitzer has a special importance to many former Soviet Jews, more so than many other chashuve rabbonim from Russia.

  2. I had a friend back in the 80’s who wasn’t what we might call religious, but had gotten out of Russia with his family in the zechus of the Ribnitzer rebbe.

    He told me a very unbelievable story about his father’s efforts to get out and how the Rebnitzer helped.

    He said even the goyim held the Rebnitzer to be a miracle worker and would come to see him.