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WATCH: Group Of Lubavitcher Trump Supporters Dance With Alex Jones Of ‘InfoWars’ At Inauguration

Alex Jones dances with a group of Lubavitchers who came to witness Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. Jones is the founder of

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  1. The KKK is hatefully upset with Alex Jones for warming towards Jews and Israel (since Trump campaign) and they curse him out.
    The video displayed is NOT the original, it is from a kkk-like site. The comments are full of nazism, etc.
    Please do NOT click and give those reshoim our view-clicks.

    Yeshiva World: Please link to the original:

    The KKK comments are there as well.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks shlepper. I was suspicious of the title as “5 Dancing Israelis” is a reference to an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that people saw a group of five Israelis dancing while watching the Twin Towers fall.

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