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WATCH: Senator Bernie Sanders Tells CNN On Trump ‘This Guy’s A Fraud’

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  1. Goodness me – that was excruciatingly embarrassing. This Sanders guy sounds so much like that awful Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn here in the UK. In fact he sounds desperate! How can he say the president is out of touch with the majority of Americans if its the people themselves who have just delivered a majority senate and House and very conservative president sending a clear message to the political left that they don’t believe they are working in their interests anymore. Am I missing something? Maybe our American friends can explain this guy’s position to us Brits…

  2. What has the democrats done except $10,000,000,000,000 more in debt, more blacks out of work, more blacks not owning house, more whites not owning houses, more jobs moved out of America. Now the leftist idiot has nothing to say but call President Trump a fraud. Sander is nothing but a commie. He wants the government to own everything and give everybody everything which you can’t do. You can’t give, free college, free housing, food stamps, and like they tried to due in Switzerland a guarantee income. This guy is talking through his back side. Communism has proven it doesn’t work and he want America to go that way

  3. Says the guy who knows that he was the victim of a fraudulent primary process but rolled over and suddenly has a nice lake house.

  4. Bernie Sanders’ memory is very short, as he somehow forgot the most pertinent & sinful fraud:- That Hillary stole the nomination from him. Why isn’t Bernie wining about this fraud which personally affected him?

  5. YITZCHOKY it also pays to mention that republicans have just pushed forward a bill extending spending by a further 10 trillion with no way of balancing it. They are just as bad as democrats.

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