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WATCH: Inconvenienced People Fight With ‘Peleg Yerushalmi’ Protesters To Open Bnei Brak Street On Sunday Night

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  1. #1- No. They don’t protest as per the Shita of Rav Shach and Rav Kanievsky. They sit in the bais medrash and learn.

    But when you STEAL PEOPLES TIME you will be dragged out of the way – even by force.

    Give us all the maarei mekomos for stealing the un-repayable time of people.

    We are all waiting. We will never get that, because it doesn’t exist.

    You are a bunch of reshoyim ganovim who need to be arrested for the highway robbery (no pun intended) of tens of thousands of innocent people.

  2. #2- Don’t hold your breath. Arye, like all the peleg animals, have no problem stealing from people. He will nevr ever give you a maar makom for this vile behavior. I’m just surprised that some Frai Israeli stuck in traffic hasn’t run one of these behaimos over yet. Shocking that fistfights haven’t broken out en masse. Give it some time I guess.

    But again, anyone (including Rav Auerbach) agrees that stealing time is 100000% Assur. it’s just a shame that he has no clue what is going on in the streets. He is sitting and learning 24/7. He would be appalled if he knew how they steal from people in his name.

  3. To comment #1

    Exactly. Where were these PELEG hooligans when the gay pride parade marched thru their neighborhood? Answer: Nowhere to be seen. The average Charedie citizen allowing the parade to go unchallenged, is a greater threat to the land of Israel than any IDF draft threat, which if done like Rav Shteinman & Rav Chaim paskened, is no threat at all.
    Get over it.

  4. #4 While I don’t know if Beni Brak has Muslim drivers, other places where these “protests” took place certainly do. So instead of “Frai Israeli” I wonder why these “protestors” aren’t worried a Muslim car terrorist might just do something.

  5. I don’t get it. Why aren’t any of the rabbis of these kids doing anything about this? This is so embarrassing. Holding up traffic for hundreds of people and gleefully dancing in the streets? No one has told them to stop? The rabbis are just looking the other way? Someone please explain it- I truly do not understand.


    Come on Mr Natanyahu, live up to your fabulous name and stop persecuting those who want to study Torah.

    MR NETANYAHU,you are the aggressor against Torah, Yeshivos and the students of Torah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Tipish, where did you get that R’ Shach and Rav Kanievsky didn’t hold of protesting? If you have an answer please answer.

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