WATCH THIS: Trump Slams Frum Reporter ‘Turx’ In Press Conference; Calls His Question ‘Insulting’


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Jake Turx, a Frum reporter covering the White House was called on by President Trump at Thursday’s press conference.

Turx began asking Trump about the rise of anti-Semitic incidents across the United States.

“Bomb threats have been made against Jewish Centers all across the country the last couple of weeks….There are people who are committing anti-Semitic acts or threatening…”

At that point, Trump cut Turx off while he was asking the question and said “sit down, I know the rest of your question”.

When Turx tried to finish, Trump told him “Quiet, quiet”, and then called Turx a “liar”.

Trump ended his answer by calling his question “insulting”.

Turx has since tweeted “President Trump clearly misunderstood my question. This is highly regretful and I’m going to seek clarification. #TrumpNewsConference.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. People this guy Turx think it’s ok to risk alienating a President who is the friendliest in history to Israel and frum Jewish causes – and for what? Simply to feed their own egos.

    He is worthy of the rag that publishes him.

  2. Ooooh – Eli Willner…
    I think I actually saw where Turx was going with his question, and as I saw it, it could have actually offered Trump a chance to express his support for the rule of law which he likes to tout. I think Trump may have one of his childish chips on the shoulder reserved just for this Turx guy, just because Turx is guilty of the occasional Journalistic Satire which may have rubbed him the wrong way at some point. Trump don’t forget his enemies, even an enemy in his own mind; it can become a problem just like this… and it is Our Fair POTUS who ought to be concerned with alienating the public for which Turx stands, however imperfect.
    And PS, if you were to be so fortunate as to have that “RAG” offer you a column with pay, methinks thou wouldst not be quite as critical. Speak of egos…

  3. The reporter asks an important question and it’s the reporter Mr. Wilner is upset at? Mr. Trump is not friendly to frum Jewish causes- he is only friendly to his very large, or to use his made up word”BIGLY” ego.

  4. The president is a mad man. He is not the best president for Israel or Jews. He thrives on stoking hatred and resentment and will blatantly lie to boost his ego. Jews do not thrive in environments of hate. Jews do not thrive when the Judiciary and the free press are attacked. Fact is Trump left Jews out of his Holocaust statement and left Israeli terror attacks off of his underreported terror attacks list. He Never forcefully condemnend the racism of some of his strongest supportes without being asked or pressured. He Said he doesn’t know who David Duke is.He Made racist remarks about Jews at the RJC meeting and now treats Turx like garbage. Sorry Mr. Turx the president understood your question his answer is indicative of the person he truly is.

  5. All you tipshim.

    Tux was asking what trump was doing about the rise in anti-semitic attacks around the country, and instead Mr. Orange cuts him off and tells him to sit down.

    What a jerk of a president.

    I voted for this man. So embarrassing. Total buffoon.

  6. I think when the question was brought up at the conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu Pres Trump said he wants the country to have love for each other and pointed out his daughter is Jewish. That was a fair response, even if it doesn’t meet what some may dream for. Maybe if this question were to be posed again the reporter should present his request first such as, Would your honor speak out against the actions of hate groups that have greatly increased their acts of violence since the elections. For example there has been a great increase in anti-Semitic attacks across the country since the elections. I think this should give the president an opportunity to make clear to Jewish groups as well as say the KKK and neo Nazis, that he is against such behavior. To leave no room for doubt as apparently Jews as well as the KKK and neo Nazis seem to be in doubt. Once he says that the question need not be asked again.

  7. Are you calling me an anti-Semite? how dare you! “No Mr. President I-” Sit down! The reality is, Trump believes that he is under attack by the media and this question just put him in a defensive mode to lash out. its unfortunate.

  8. Turx asked Trump a simple question: What is the government doing to combat ant-Semitism. Trump, as usual, simply didn’t have an answer.

    He clearly prefaced it that he not seen anyone accusing Mr. Trump or his staff with anti-Semitism (full disclosure: I believe that Steve Bannon is a rabid anti-Semite).

    However, even though Turx was always supportive of Trump during the campaign and is an orthodox-Jew, some readers will blame him for two reasons. He actually has a job (and it’s with a media outlet) and Trump called him a liar.

    Trump didn’t even pay attention to the question and did not let the reporter finish, but, for some, Trump can do no wrong.

  9. This Chasiddishe reporter has no business being a reporter in the W.H.
    And please tell him to remove this stupid Twitter address he put on the front of his Kippa

  10. Yesterday when this Israeli idiot [I think from Wahllah] asked the same questions everyone saw how Trump and Netanyahu were disturbed by it. I didn’t dream that any normal Jew would asked this question.
    So even if Turx didn’t mean anything he shouldn’t have asked it one day afterward.

  11. Given that law enforcement is a state matter, and that the threats are likely coming from left-wing anti-semites (noting the the American left has been very busy trying to intimidate their enemies), I can see why Trump was annoyed. A big lie coming from the media has been that Trump is a neo-Nazi, and I suspect the tone of the question was insulting (similar to asking a Jewish politician for his views on using Christian blood for matzahs). Trump has ever right to be annoyed with “fake news”, which appears to be what this guy was looking for.

  12. The fact that Trump has a “Jewish” daughter says nothing about his feeling toward Jews in general. There were plenty of nazis that had Jewish wives and friends. They hated every Jew except them.

  13. Im sorry to say this, but have we sunk so low as to mention another Jewish publication by name for the sake of ripping them apart?! If one has something against what turx did there is yet a polite way of saying so! I personally happen to know turx and he is a fine man and an even better reporter. What he was trying to ask was whether there is anything the president was planning on doing about it. He made it very clear that he did not feel it was the presidents fault! With all due respect to our current president, he was looking for a fight when he called on turx and did not let him finish his question. I like this president very much but he needs to pick his fights!

  14. #19 – I noticed you didn’t say one thing that implicates Trump as an anti-semite. All you said was that its possible. How exactly do you disprove something that it is in a person’s heart? Did you feel the same way about Obama or was he a Jew lover in your eyes?

  15. How can you start a question by saying….”no one is accusing u of antisemitism……However….”.

    Hey…if I start off…”no one is accusing you of being a murderer….”.

    Get it???
    You gotta know how to start and watch every word

  16. #5: I fail to see how my ego factors into my remarks about Turx but I suppose if you want to hurl insults, facts aren’t really that important, are they?

    As for Turx, it is clear that he was looking for his moment of fame and it is also clear that he was out to get it, ramifications be damned. Look at the glee emanating from the liberal, anti-frum outlets like JTA as they play up the story. That could have and should have been anticipated before Turx opened his big mouth.

    Incidentally, if that rag offered me a column with pay I would decline. They have published material that is borderline apikorsus (or maybe beyond borderline) and I don’t want to be associated with them. There are other, better places where I submit my material, and they are happy to publish it.

  17. After yesterday’s discussion and Q&A with Bibi, the frum reporter was very insulting, and came across just wanting to be a good reporter.
    Mr. Trump hates that. Ask a question, any question, that you want a real honest answer to, not to be a political reporter.
    Mr. Trump actually emphasized (leCaf zchus) that [he understands] he is just like any reporter – looking to ask a question -.
    What a shame. We all vote for Trump and then have a reporter make us look bad.

  18. There’s a reason that Chazal allowed those Jews who interacted with Malchus Romi (the Roman Empire) on behalf of the Jewish nation to learn chochmas yivonis and wear a “bluryis” hair style, both of which are issurim. Someone who wants to represent Klal Yisrael in that capacity MUST have the ability to clearly articulate his positions and interact with the political class in a refined way. He must be able to accurately take into account the context, the nature of the person being questioned, the various associations a word or phrase may mistakenly convey, and numerous other calculations. Let this be a hard lesson learned. This is not a game or a way to drum up a little sensation for a magazine. It is in fact a dangerous game to play at the expense of world Jewry. The fact that the question was clearly misunderstood is not an excuse it is a part of the problem.

  19. I agree with Rabbi Willner.
    I’ll take it a step further. Ami has been attacking Daas Torah opinions since they started. The are a worthless rag which is not even worthy of being used for a liner in the bottom of a bird cage.
    Mr. Turkeltaub is a Lipa wanna be who thinks everything is one big joke and is waiting for his next appearance on a Oorah video/shmorg. This uneducated dult just made a Chillul Hashem of epic purportions. His attempt to be “professional” and ask the “tough” hard-hitting questions, completely backfired. We B”H have our adult mature askanim who have the ear of this President and thoroughly know the issues of true concern for our communities. This stupid babyish question of ZERO consequence is just that – stupid and asinine.
    Btw, How come the chachomim at Ami didn’t send one of their minions to ask their G-d, Obama, the exact same question?

  20. Everyone defending Turx sound like liberal-leftists. This is the liberal line as they are trying to take down or make the President unable to push through his agenda.
    He is a basically good President working for the good of this country. Maybe Turx and associates are afraid of loosing some government handouts. He is basically not against Jews and many Jews had lots ob business dealing with him. Most of his grandchildren are Halachikly Jewish.
    If we have a friend in the White House, don’t ruin it!
    Think before you (Turx)talk and create a disaster.

  21. Turx is a great guy and asked a great question. Unfortunately President Trump didnt understand or hear him correctly.

    Simple miscommunication.

    No need for everyone to lose their steam..

  22. I don’t have a problem with his question. My problem is with the way hes dressed. If your going to be in the presence of the President and possibly be speaking directly to him for the world to see, than dress accordingly. Wear a suit and tie and in general look presentable! If you feel you can’t do this than don’t be a reporter!
    I have a feeling this is what upset Trump and prompted the odd response.

  23. Poshuteyid1 & Panda are right
    He forgot to ware a gartel
    Totally out of place i suggest go back to Kollel
    i don’t think he has a problem with being Chasididh in USA

  24. Just to be clearer please watch the entire Clip, The clip starts @ 139:40

    TRUMP: Wait. Let’s see. Who’s — I want to find a friendly reporter.
    QUESTION: Mr….
    TRUMP: Are you a friendly reporter? Watch how friendly he is. Wait. Wait. Watch how friendly he is. Go ahead.
    TRUMP: Go ahead.
    QUESTION: So first of all, my name is (Inaudible) from (Inaudible) Magazine. I (inaudible). I haven’t seen anybody in my community, including yourself or any of the — anyone on your staff of being (OFF-MIKE).
    Because (OFF-MIKE). However, what we’ve already heard about and what we (OFF-MIKE) is (OFF-MIKE) so you’re general forecast (ph) like 48 (OFF-MIKE). There are people who are everything (ph) happens through their packs (ph) is one of the (OFF-MIKE)…
    TRUMP:…he said he was gonna ask a very simple, easy question. And it’s not, its not, not — not a simple question, not a fair question. OK sit down, I understand the rest of your question.
    So here’s the story, folks. Number one, I am the least anti- Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist person. In fact, we did very well relative to other people running as a Republican — quiet, quiet, quiet.
    See, he lied about — he was gonna get up and ask a very straight, simple question, so you know, welcome to the world of the media. But let me just tell you something, that I hate the charge, I find it repulsive.
    I hate even the question because people that know me and you heard the prime minister, you heard Ben Netanyahu (ph) yesterday, did you hear him, Bibi? He said, I’ve known Donald Trump for a long time and then he said, forget it.
    So you should take that instead of having to get up and ask a very insulting question like that

  25. I know that “kol Yisroel areivim zeh lozeh”, is 100% true because I turned so red after watching this. Even if the president misunderstood, turx should never have asked any question whatsoever related to anti semitism.
    1. Anti semitism is not the pressing issue in the US. I’m not saying it is not a problem, rather nothing has really changed on that front, so don’t make a story out of it.
    2. If you would have asked a complimentary question (which the President made clear he was looking for and you reassured him at the onset that you would do so) then you would have created wonderful future goodwill and gotten 50 more questions in the future. Now you will be shunned (rightfully so) , but sadly, others wearing yarmulkas might also be because of your actions.

    3. You clearly want this to be about you, rather than using this as an opportunity to better the matzav for frum people.

    4. Growing up we were told that when you go to shul, you have to dress as if you would be standing in front of a king or President. Mr Turx, when you visit your Rebbe or daven in shul on shabbos, is that how you present yourself? I’m not saying you needed to wear a hat, but you looked like you were coming out of the mikveh. You are representing all of us.
    5. You are on the the world stage, representing us frum people, we are scrutinized extra. Please don’t treat your job as if you’re covering the latest pizza toppings offered at amnon’s pizza for Country Yossi Magazine (for the record, all wonderful establishments). The white has been generous in giving press passes to the smaller news outlets, and you got one. Don’t squander it. You
    had your one chance with the “king”, and you blew it!
    I hope you can get to Sean Spicer and explain and apologize.

  26. You could of asked about school vouchers or even a “chanifa” question such as “how do we get the message out that you are in your job only 1 month, which you’ve done so much already, yet you need some more time to implement your fantastic agenda that you promised in your campaign. You would have gained so much more…. What a shame…

  27. We finally have a president that’s good for Israel and the Jews – the world can’t stand that part and he’s battling a major war to stay in office with all the demonstrations opposition’s etc. Let’s give him as much support as possible

  28. Judging by the comments here, we have a group of people attacking someone for his beliefs (yes, Hasidism is a protected class per Title VII) – which is befitting for Trump supporters.

    In addition, some people will applaud Trump even if he announces the USA to be judenrein (as many German Jews did in the 1930s when Hitler came to power).

  29. Time to start being rational. I was thinking for the right words when I saw this article writing exactly what I intended to write here. Don’t attack Turx not Trump. Think like a mature adult and you’ll realize that he wasn’t attacking Trump, he just used the wrong vocabulary since he’s not so polished. He has his faults, no doubt, but this was simply a case of one not expressing himself. See attached article.—an-op-ed-by-rabbi-yair-hoffman.html

  30. i agree with shueea….You don’t dress like a chusid who is now i a restaurant in Miami beach with a yarmulke and vest and open shirt. and i agree with YZJ that those questions do not belong to a chusid writer. this issue should be handled by the OU rabbis or Agudath yisroel or maybe some other organization but NOT a writer of Ami magazine

  31. Although l live in the UK I watched this live l think Trump’s reaction was nothing worse than too hasty and unfortunate . No one mentions that another journalist asked a similar question a few minutes later mentioning Trux in his comments and got what we should all see as a favourable answer . This is nothing more than a pathetic storm in a tea cup whipped up by people who need to play the Jewish victim. That is what is sad about this whole thing.

  32. All those who spoke loshon harah, and also, possibly transgressed, on “MALBIM PNEI CHAIRO BORABIM!” should make sure to asks Turks, mechilah!


  33. I watched the news conference. I was embarrassed by Turx, and feel he did a disservice to our people.

    Bringing up the smears against Trump as being anti-Semitic, even if only to discredit them, was highly insulting. There was absolutely no reason to give any voice to these very obviously hurtful lies.

    It was very easy to understand from Turx long-winded unnecessary preface, that (despite his claim to believe otherwise) somehow the culpability for a recent spate of anti-Semitic crimes, lies with the President.

    It’s as insulting and as infuriating as ‘child protective services’ accusing a caring mother of child abuse when she brings them to the emergency room.

    Shame on Turx for giving any credence to these laughable smears smears (he hates his daughter and her family? Really!?).

    He could have simply asked about the safety concerns in light of recent events, like a responsible doctor would bring safety concerns to the ears of attentive loving parents. No insinuations or shaming necessary.

    A chillul Hashem in my opinion.

    However unintentional it was on the part of Turx, it still stinks of gross incompetence.

  34. Dear Turx,

    Why oh why did you have to screw things up, you are a very good, talanted and humorous journalist but the bad wording, the lack of confidence and the way you asked the question were nowhere near good enough.. you had a chance to put us all in a favourable light with the most powerful person on earth but you could not have done us any worse.
    Do us all a favour and get in touch with Jared and fix this up.

    Still your fans;
    Orthodox Jewry.

  35. President Trump was very smart to deflect from the free publicity that the frum reporter gave the anti-Semitic acts.Why publicise it, why, when you know the authorities are trying to fight those acts already?

  36. I’ll give Trux the benefit of the doubt that he meant well. Still, it proofs that he does not belong there.

    He is portraying the entire community. Little does the WH know that many of us would never look into an AMI magazine (and for good reason)

  37. Where do people get this idea that he “represents frum jews” Any person with saichel knows that he is a reporter who happens to be chasidic; as such it is expected that he will have his own way of doing things. Your criticism has as much merit as criticizing any frum person involved in the political arena acts or expresses himself differently than you. You know what? This is not cookie cutter NYC or NJ; this is USA, people of different stripes and talents; you don’t like it: TOO BAD

  38. #61: And if it turns people off toward frum yidden, and cools the President’s warm feelings toward them, as it very well might, that’s “too bad” as well? Turx has a right to express himself however he pleases, with no responsibility for the consequences?

    I don’t know what religion you got that principle from but it sure isn’t Judaism!

  39. AMI is known nothing more then a a extreme liberal leftist magazine..
    Lots of people know it…

    They give Avi weiss a platform whenever they have a chance.

    Obama turned back on racism
    liberals are working hard at turning back on anti-semitism

  40. Funny thing is, it’s only frum Jews that seem to have a problem with the way Turx dresses, it’s also only on the Frum websites where the majority of commenters seem eager to attack Turx and rip him to shreds, unlike on Secular MSM and on social media where it’s the exact opposite.

  41. @BP101 of course if u use the word “inaudible” every few words u’ll distort the words of turx. It just so happens to be that I was able to hear many of those “inaudables” on a few recordings of the press conference. Turx clearly, and I repeat CLEARLY said that he knows that the president has great respect for all Jews, he just wants to know what he plans to do in the future to combat the rise of anti-semitism! Loshon hora is sating s/t true that is bad, but far worse is motzei shem ra which is to say a bad lie abt somebody…….

  42. #Masmid16 “They give Avi weiss a platform whenever they have a chance”.

    What on earth are you talking about?
    It doesn’t seem like you’ve ever read the Ami magazine (unless you meant that they give Avi Weiss free publicity by attacking attacking him, but they certainly don’t give him a platform)
    As for leftist, I think you should look the definition of that!

  43. It’s cute how all of you can sit so comfortably behind your twisted computer screens and so easily publicly shame a man that asked a VERY IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT QUESTION to the president of the United States.

    This was his question in WRITING for all of you who have CLEARLY and STUPIDLY misunderstood it.

    “I haven’t seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic,” Turx told Trump. “However, what we are concerned about, and what we haven’t really heard being addressed, is an uptick in anti-Semitism and how the government is planning to take care of it.”

    He continued: “There have been reports that 48 bomb threats have been made against Jewish centers all across the country in the last couple of weeks. There are people who are committing anti-Semitic acts or threats —”

  44. i think this was the best reaction from someone here:

    How can you start a question by saying….”no one is accusing u of antisemitism……However….”.

    Hey…if I start off…”no one is accusing you of being a murderer….”.

    Get it???
    You gotta know how to start and watch every word

    – See more at:

  45. I would just like to quote for e/o here a transcript of what what turx asked so that all these lies of what he did or did not say will stop.
    Here is the full question from the reporter, identified by Haaretz as Jake Turx with the Jewish Orthodox Ami Magazine:

    I haven’t seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic. We have an understand that you have Jewish grandchildren ? you are their zayde. However, what we are concerned about and what we haven’t being heard addressed is how the government is planning to take care of it. There are reports that 48 bomb threats have been made against Jewish centers across the country in the last couple of weeks. There are people committing anti-Semitic acts or threatening to ….. When the president interrupted. …..

  46. “When you ask questions they need to be clear and to the point. His question was drawn out and not to the point”


    Turx was so excited he went on and on with a Pshetel!

  47. What would we think about a reporter showing up at the White House in traditional Muslim dress- perhaps a long white caftan? Thats how this Tux looks, he stood out among the others. Cant Ami find a nice Torah Vdaas looking guy to send to the White House, who perhaps would ask more concise questions?

  48. I wonder why so many of the commenters are so upset about Ami magazine getting trashed but aren’t bothered by other commenters doing the same to Turx?

  49. First, while some may disagree, Ami is a reputable media outlet and is respected by a large percentage of the frum tzibur (although perhaps not by all the posters here at YWN). They have published interviews with many chashuve rabbonin and askanim and present an independent view on many critical issues related to yidden in the U.S. and the security of EY.

    The question was poorly framed with a somewhat confusing preamble but anyone hearing it would know that the question was about growing anti-Semitism in the U.S. and did not imply anything about Trump himself. He could have simply voiced his concerns about the recent developments and committed his administration to fight all ethnic and racial hatred. Instead, like every other issue and question, it became all about HIM and his fragile ego.

  50. I’m a big Trump supporter and I think the person who explained his reaction best was the one who wrote that if u start off a statement, “I’m not accusing u of being anti-Semetic…” his reaction is valid. But I still think Trump should brush up on the names of the political figures he is contact with. he called Netanyahu “betanyahu!!! I mean, C’mon!!

  51. To all those bashing Turx- please re-read the transcripts.
    Turx did NOT accuse the President of being an anti Semite.

    He asked a fair and respectable question which was unfortunately misunderstood by the President.

    Please be careful before posting hateful comments.

  52. Turx is smart, and bright and inteligent! He gives the greatest news coverage with the most deepest opinions! He is the funniest man in all of jewish media. he asked a smart question, actually a great question and everyone knows it and everyone i hear is saying it. they are all saying. “turx best question ever asked by a jewish reporter”. turx asks like a true “gemurah kup”. kol hakovod turx for representing smart good hasidik jews to a world that only spreads lies and shmutz about us.

  53. I’m stunned by the comments posted. For the life of me I cannot believe that people are trashing and criticizing this reporter. He got up and tried to ask a thoughtful and critical question on behalf of ALL OF YOU!! He wasn’t attacking in the slightest way. He was genuinely asking what the administration was doing to combat the rise of anti semitic incidents and influence in the country and got his head bit off half way through by our man-child president who thinks everyone’s attacking him and everything is about him. What? You wanted him as probably the first frum, and definitely first chasisidish reporter to ever get a question in a presidential news conference (which is an unbelievable accomplishment) to ask about Flynn? Leaks? Tax policy? Immigration policy? For the umpteenth time? You want him to echo Jim Acosta or Major Garret or Glenn Thrush?? Or maybe something that is on the minds of many in our community regarding our safety and security. It is so discouraging to see this hatred and vitriol dished out on a reporter (one of us!) who was COMPLETELY misunderstood!! Whether you liked how he presented it, or articulated it, or formulated his approach on the question, I was hoping people, especially from our community would see so crystal clearly that the reporter had ZERO negative intent and was trying to do all of us a service by asking this important question. P.S. Message to Turx: Don’t be disheartened by the ridiculous negativity. You are a fine and honorable reporter who does great work and was railroaded and treated with such disdain














  55. Very sad that Turx didn’t know any better. He could have used the opportunity to say something nice and make a huge kiddush Hashem, what a lost opportunity by instead doing the opposite. I don’t blame him because he works for Ami Magazine which could not care less about chillul Hashem and he’s been drawn in that direction. Editor of Ami……… Hopefully this will help people see where Amis heart stands. “Just make a seen good or bad to get more publicity” and not care about the image of klal Yisroel! What a loss. What a loss.

  56. #78 Your point is well taken but Turx deserves criticism for going on the Tucker Carlson show and basically defending the President’s wholly inappropriate response to him.

  57. Open j you are absolutely correct this is a whole story about nothing if the non Jewish were to see this what kind of impression would it give …. I dread to think

  58. Mr Turx We have BH askonim working to combat antisemitism what did you want him to do?He gets criticized from half of the country now instead of thanking him for everything he is trying to do to defend Israel you bring him some other trouble did you really think with your question you approached him to us frumme what you did to usJews.Our job is thanking for what he does we are Yehudim and thank is the only way to approach the people around us.Your question was not appropriate and only made more antisemitism and a huge chillul H.

  59. Every reporter should be asking questions that matter to their readership or viewers.
    But when youre addressing the President of the US, and his name is Trump who has a chip on both shoulders, especially if your costume represents a minority group and even more so when the question pertains only to the people you represent, you make sure that that its smart to ask that question at that time, in front of the world watching, you hire a scriptwiter to formulate the question appropiately and you only apply for a WH press pass if you’re experienced and articulate. Many reporters are excellent with the written word but are less talented when it comes to speaking on a public and important stage.
    We must learn from this massive mess, to be selective and hesitant to be in the public media and political limelight.
    Much more is acheived behing closed doors.

  60. Wow! 80 responses.
    Is it really so earth shattering that the Pres. got excited?

    Don’t take it so personal…he’s an excitable character.

    One reason I’m glad I looked at the responses was that I saw that one person, who was very, very insulting to me one time, has written the most insulting response in this case, as well.

    I feel better now, knowing that is just his nature, and it wasn’t just directed at me.
    He should go to Anger Management classes along with his hero.

  61. Anyone defending this guy – and his behavior since – needs to look around and see what company they’re in. J-Street, Forward, etc etc. Don’t worry JOFA will be along soon and you can all have a minyan.

  62. Anyone defending this guy – and his behavior since – needs to look around and see what company they’re in. J-Street, Forward, etc etc. Don’t worry JOFA will be along soon and you can all have a minyan.
    by ArmedJew on 2017-02-17 at 8:07 am

    And every news outlet including
    Breitbart and yet the commenters can’t see to find anyway to defend Turx, and attack him in the most hateful and vitriolic terms.
    Shame on you armedjew:

  63. As turx said, it’s very probable the president did not understand the question or did not hear the question correctly. It’s not a big deal.

    Perhaps if the question would have been more direct, instead of like it was being asked in a shiur with a t’nai kaful of b’nei gud and b’nei reuven, tye POTUS would have understood it.