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VIDEO: One Brave Boy Stands Up For Israel In Anti-Israel Demonstration in LA

One, brave L.A. high-school student stands-up for his right to publicly support Israel – in the face of a rally of hundreds of Muslim and far-leftist, pro-Palestine demonstrators.

Outside of the Israeli Consulate to L.A. on Memorial Day – a Jewish high-school student defiantly waved the Israeli flag to stand up for the Israeli Marines’ handling of the Flotilla matter in the face of rumors and cover-ups.

The L.A.P.D. had to establish a human wall to intervene to protect Daniel (and an ensuing couple of Israel supporters) from the growing lynch-mob (who, ironically, the Arabs came to exonerate).

When a Muslim protestor cries, “Allahu akhbar” to incite the crowd against the Jewish boy – the opposition to Israel’s politics become subordinated to the notion of “Holy War” as a driving force.

Calling to “Free Palestine, a young woman demonstrator reveals that it means more than Israel’s presence in the West Bank – by it they are proclaiming their goal of destroying Israel and conquering it for Palestine.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This video is a must see. Shows what one person can accomplish. May Hashem guard this brave nad daring youg man and keep him safe.

  2. Brave, yes. Touching and inspiring, yes. Proper, no. Daas Torah, no. Nation of Satmar? They say asher bachar banu every morning just as you do.

  3. #3
    See all those cops? They werent going to let anything happen to him.

    whats not Dass Torah? should we be hiding like cowards? Is that “Daas Torah”?

  4. Yes they do, however they conduct themselves not as one of us – you DON’T lobby against other Jews to the goyim, it’s a huge chillul hashem and falls into the category of mesira – because when the Iranian Rasha talks like Hitler against us and Israel; and then the goyim see us Jews (Chassidim none the less) also attacking and protesting against our OWN country of Israel they start to think, maybe he’s right…..maybe Israel is a bad and terrible government…let’s start to TRY to stick together.
    I’m sick to my stomach from this SELF HATING

  5. If it were not for brave young men like this h.s. student, we would not have the State of Israel. If more brave men and women do not stick up for the right of Israel’s existence, and speak their voices to the everyday man who otherwise would only be subjected to a few seconds of anti-Israel propaganda, then we will be doomed. We need to pray to HASHEM and to stand up for our rights as Jews – tzu Gott und tzu menschen!

  6. Since at least the early to mid-seventies, the gedolim have unanimously directed the Jewish community not to stage public protests against non-Jewish governments. Why is this different? Have they told us to do this?

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