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IDF Delegation Returning from Romania; Identified Bodies to be Brought Home Soon

On Thursday IDF forces have begun to return home to Israel from Romania. Some IAF Yasur helicopters are on their way back home to Israel. The return of all troops will be completed in a gradual manner over the next few days.

An IAF Boeing aircraft took off a short time ago from Israel to the IAF base in Romania, in order to bring home the coffins of the IDF soldiers who perished in the helicopter crash.

The bodies of the six victims of the helicopter crash have been identified. An official message was passed on to the families of the victims and the date of the funerals will be communicated later during the day. The Israeli and Romanian rescue teams continue to collect evidence which may assist in identifying the circumstances surrounding the fatal helicopter crash.

“The operation will end only when our sons will be brought back home; during the day we will decide whether or not to continue searching the area”, IAF Commander Gen. Ido Nechushtan told IDF Radio. “The other part of the mission which consists in investigating the accident will continue. This is a very complex mission. It is holy work in difficult conditions … We are now in the process of having the Yasur helicopters return to Israel”.

Gen. Nechushtan expressed his hope that the mission will be fulfilled and that the bodies will be brought back home to Israel before tomorrow night.

Although the IDF says that all bodies have been identified, Ynet is reporting that Chief Military Rabbi Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz said that teams in Romania are still working to finalize the identification of the victims.

(YWN Israel Desk)

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  1. Well if the secular anti Frum government hates G-d and his Torah than expect more such tragic episodes. Keep supporting shame parades,digging up graves and shabbos violation and then wonder why Israel has become full of troubles. When Iran attacks dont ask where was G-d.

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