VIDEO: Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11Health Bill


Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York took to the House floor to denounce the GOP for using parliamentary tactics to try and prevent a fund for the health of 9/11 responders from being established.

Trying to express that procedure tactics to derail a $7billion measure designed to give aid to first responders – firefighters and similar – on the scene at Ground Zero and who subsequently became ill.


  1. this snake weiner is trying to cloud the fact that the democrats keep on trying to attach the 9/11 responders health bill to other prohibitive spending bills – then he blames republicans! he should look in his own backyard. good “theater” though.

  2. You had to hear Peter King, the Long Island Congressman who wanted this bill to go for a normal majority vote and not a 2/3 majority. By needing 2/3 the Democrats essentially were the ones who doomed the bill. The Republicans did not want the extra stuff in the bill but Peter King voted for it and Wiener’s rant was uncalled for.
    [We gotta get him outta there.Even though he is not Jewish (mother is not); he has an Arab wife.]

  3. Another $1 million should be attached to the bill for the purchase of Xanax to keep Anthony Weiner under the sedation he so desperately needs.

  4. Typical Another Weinershnitzel and his band of socialist liberal workers party democratic party hacks turning this into something political. The r’shoyim democrats didnt need ANY Republican votes to pass this had they gone for a majority. Instead just to show the Right as being “bad” they wanted it passed with 2/3 majority. Well Non-Gentleman from Kew Gardens allow me to ask you the same thing everyone on the Right is asking, HOW DO YOU PLAN ON PAYING FOR THIS???????

    We REALLY need to vote these socialist loving liberal democrats OUT of office in November!

  5. Does anybody remember the relative size of the national deficit on Jan. 1, 1993, 2001 and 2009?

    At the beginning of the Clinton Administration the Gross National Debt was $3,206.3 billion, representing 55.9% of GDP. When Clinton left office, handing the presidency over to the darling of many of you, good ole George Dubya, Gross National Bebt had grown to $5,628.7 billion, representing 58% of GDP.

    Now I’m gonna say this slowly:

    By 2009, when George W handed over the Presidency to Obama, the Gross National Debt had more than doubled, growing to $12,311.4, representing 86.1% of GNP.


    Now…is it that the largest accumulated deficit in history is benign when accumulated on your boy’s watch? Or are you folk merely ignorant and politically biased

  6. A sentence in my last post should have read:

    “By 2009, when George W handed over the Presidency to Obama, the Gross National Debt had more than doubled, growing to $12,311.4, representing 86.1% of GDP.”

    Not GNP

  7. 8&9,

    Your numbers are WRONG WRONG WRONG!! You quote Wikipedia so nicely (we are waiting for them to have nice things to say about the right, but I digress), how about breaking it down to us by which party was in Congress (IN CHARGE OF THE MONEY!). You dont want to do that because you will then see the numbers SKYROCKET from 1997 when your beloved socialists took over Congress.

    Let me teach you something else, Presidents Reagan, Bush1, & Bush2, sent budget after budget to Congress for approval only to have the DEMOCRAT party add things to it bringing the $$$ up higher and higher. Tip O’Neil would tell Pres Reagan that his budgets were DOA and they were.

    Of course as I mentioned your numbers are off so here you go, in 1993 under the last budget submitted by Bush41, the deficit was -375 billion, down from -422B & -438B in the previous two years. Along comes Pres Clinton and his last budget with a D Congress is for -293B. Now comes the Republican Congress to keep an eye on him (as much as they could) and his budgets go to -230B to +160 over the next few years, thanks to TAX CUTS!

    Pres Bush 43 came in and had to deal with 9/11, wars, etc., and his budgets came in at -194B to -170B which is not bad considering all that has gone on in the country during that time. In the last budget submitted by Bush43, the deficit was only -467B.

    Under Obama the deficit is -1500 BILLION DOLLARS AND COUNTING!!

    Stop blaming Bush. He hasnt been the president in TWO YEARS. Get off the Bush Derangement Syndrome you people on the left continue to spout. This is OBAMA and his gang of crooks doing this to us. The deficit is almost QUATRUPILE what it was under Pres Bush so please stop the stupidity on your end and realize the Socialist Liberal Democrat Workers Party has taken this country where most of us did NOT want it to go.

  8. You doth protest to much my dear MarkLevin – the figures are neither mine nor Wikipedia’s – thgey are derived from the the Federal FY 2010 Budget Historical Tables, pages 127-128.

    Shooting the messenger without a substantive challenge to the message is a cheap shot, and is the haven of rigid and emotional ideologues, both left and right, who have no substance to back their position.

    The Bush deficit numbers are real, are well known, and came about because of unfunded tax cuts coupled with an off budget war without recorded revenues to pay for it.

    Stick to the facts, son.

  9. 11, my numbers re from the CBO so put that in your pipe and smoke it. of course you still cant defend your “obama is god” position but that’s ok since you are a socialist liberal. you cannot defend his QUADRUPLING the deficit in less than two years.