VIDEO: While Paying Shiva Call To Segal Family, Bloomberg Says Obamacare Will Make Things Worse


Mayor Michael Bloomberg paid a Shiva call to the Segal family, who is currently sitting Shiva on the loss of their brother, R’ Moshe, as was reported by YWN. Mayor Bloomberg first offered his condolences, and then discussed some very interesting topics, such as overcrowding in emergency rooms, Obamacare, immigration, smoking, eating salt, NYC traffic, and some other interesting items.

Shimon Gifter was there, and captured it on video for our readers.

YWN would like to publicly offer our condolences to the Segal family.

Nachum Segal is a famous Jewish Radio DJ in the NYC area.


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  1. Guys, its so simple!
    The solution to emergency room crowding is to create a MD’A type facility/s that treat minor injuries, this will free up the emergency rooms to deal with serious problems.
    What works in Israel, works in the states!

  2. He says it will make things worse but if you listen to the clip you will see he likes it. He said if you are 90 years old with prostate cancer you should be told you lived long enough. Well who died and made him God?!???

    He also spouts the stat about how in “Europe” they spend less than half on healthcare than we do in the USA and they have a life expectancy of 2 years greater. Well, when I was in the Mir for High School we had a great teacher who taught us certain sayings and one of them was “Statistics Dont Lie, But Liars Use Statistics” and that is true in this case.

    The reason they MAY have a higher “life expectancy” there is because they DONT count infant deaths while here in the USA, we do! Take out all the infant deaths due to bad healthcare in the EU for babies and the average goes down. Simple math.

  3. Notice how he essentially advocates for medical rationing: “We’ve got to sit here and say which things we’re going to do and which things we’re not….If you show up with prostate cancer and you’re 95 years old, we should say, ‘Go and enjoy, have a nice [unintelligible], live a long life. There’s no cure and we can’t do anything. If you’re a young person, we should do something about it. Society’s not willing to do that yet.”

    Even though I’m young, I think this is a horrible NON-TORAH attitude.

    I hope everyone will excuse if I get the mesechta wrong, but doesn’t Sanhedren say “whose blood is redder….” Don’t we have to do all we can to save a life?

    Even though he admits Obamacare will be a disaster, he is just as bad as the Bamster.

  4. His mother should live to 120 but i’m wondering what the mayors reaction would be if his mother slipped in front of a hatazoloh member and if the hatzoloh member said to his mother sorry lasy i’m not picking you up becayuse you lived long enough and your son is a billionaire……..

    I’m wondering what the mayors reaction would be.

    The chutzpah and liberalism that spews out of his mouth sometimes is mishigeh.

    When he says we can’t pay for this and we can’t pay for that I siggest to him and his liberal freinds to cut the red tape and also go after the major frauds and there will be billions in savings. the politician that he is he really doesn’t care. All the mayor cares about is bicylcale lanes,pedestrain islands,getting rid of cars, higher taxes and then saying nobody wants to pay more. But then he rasises everything anyway and then wants to put tolls on the bridges!

    The mayor is a nice person and gives alot of charity but his ides are just out of touch.

    The Mayor was obviously trying as i saw in the video to illustarte a few cases where he was right with certain policies eventhough people yelled and screamed years ago but for every policy he was right with I can show with his own warped stats that he was dead wrong on many others.

    The billion dollar question is if the Mayor falls do we pick him up or say you had a good life and your rich and your 70 years old? Life doesn’t seem to be much to this guy. What a shame.

  5. I wonder how many people who saw this video had the eyes to see what was happening in this video. I am so glad to see it because I really didn’t know what a wonderful person Mayor Michael Bloomberg was until I saw it. Many thanks to YWN for posting it.

    In terms of health care my idea for a few years would be to have the concept of block doctors. The idea would be to have a sub-doctors degree which would take two years to acquire but yet would enable these block doctors to handle minor issues but would also take the load off of emergency rooms. The woman who died in the waiting area of the emergency room could instead have been treated by a block doctor and the doctor could have assisted her earlier and administered some basic assistance until she could be handled by an appropriate specialist. I got this idea after hearing from a Rabbi that his father said that he could teach him everything he knows as a doctor in a maximum of two years. The block doctor would work from his house and get a special compensation for doing so.

    To conclude: I really enjoy JM in the AM and everyone should donate much more than in previous years. I paticulary enjoyed listening to the Adar archives of the 2009 fundraiser where Mr. Segal asked for people to donate more. Hashem really sends very special people like Mr. Segal and Mayor Bloomberg into the world and we need to be appreciative even if we don’t agree with what they say or do sometimes. And really, super thanks to YWN for posting the video.

  6. ‘“Statistics Dont Lie, But Liars Use Statistics” and that is true in this case. ‘

    And in this case Mark Levin is the liar. Infant Mortality in Europe is very low — much lower than in the US. There
    just aren’t enogh infant deaths in those countries to make a difference in overall life expectancy. Abortion rates are also lower. Furthermore, in the US, life expectancy is longest in Hawaii, which has had near-universal health care coverage for a generation. It is also longer in Israel which has universal health care, supported by all the religious parties.

    Meanwhile, if you look at Texas, which has been the model for the Republican laissez-faire approach to health care, you have massive overcrowding in emergency rooms that makes New York look mild by comparison. Texans on the border are now flocking to Mexico for health care!

    Neither Bloomberg nor Levin has anything to say about what we as Jews are supposed to believe or do.

  7. This is a very old debate between medical ethicists. Some like the European model and some don’t. We who believe in Torah can’t subscribe to that model because they believe in passive euthansia. In other words, they limit medical care to the youngest and most healthiest. They also live the longest because they push a more healthier lifestyle than the US. They also have a lot more money to do it with because they don’t spend as much on elderly healthcare. Mayor Bloomberg is right we don’t have enough money to pay for healthcare the way it is right now. Due to technological advances medical care has reached astronomical costs. I feel that what has to be done is to limit some of these new procedures to certain people. Like for example – if you want xyz procedure and there are other procedures that are effective, the insurance should Not pay for the procedure. If you want it, pay for it out of your own pocket. Socializing medicine in itself doesn’t cut the cost of medicine per say, as of matter of fact it raises the costs. The reason the European countries have lower costs is because they severly limit medical care in general and in particular to the terminally ill & elderly! But Hooray, everyone is entitled to this lousy care!
    Sorry Charlie, but you are wrong. The only thing socialized medicine does is give medical care to everyone, which might be a nice thing, but we as a nation can’t afford this!

  8. “LSH says -In terms of health care my idea for a few years would be to have the concept of block doctors”

    They already have a thing called PA’s. The education of PA’s used to be two years, not anymore. Now it takes anywhere from 4-6 years. Also, do you think that these PA’s should volunteer in these block clinics? Are you going to educate them for free? Are you going to support them and their families?
    A lot of people spout ideas that have no basis in reality.
    Some hospitals have something called Immediate Care or Minor Care, as part of the ER. These areas are for minor ailments or injuries, that don’t require the full ER.
    Some have these full time, others part time and others not at all. This concept should be mandated on all hospitals, for all times. This cuts ER time and costs!

  9. Charles,

    You are so very incorrect and I wish I could take more time out of my day to show what kind of fraud you and your socialist buddies are but alas unlike socialist liberals such as yourself not to mention the daily kooks you hang with, I don’t get paid if I sit on my posterior all day writing on a blog.

    Suffice is to say that the stats from Europe ARE removing infant deaths while here in the USA they don’t.

    Either way ich bin dir nisht m’kaneh when CHV its you or your relative who needs medical care under ObamaCare and they don’t get it (just as happens other places when they have to ration). Will you still thing its the best thing since sliced bread? Actually, you probably would!

  10. I can’t access this; the video was taken at a shiva house? If so, WADR to whoever took it, something makes me uncomfortable. I’m not enamored of shiva visit pics that make it into the weeklies either.