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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Israeli Remembrance Day Ceremony At The Kotel 2011

[VIDEO & PHOTOS BELOW] Security was tight at the Kosel at 8pm, when the siren for Israeli Remembrance Day sounded, marking the begining of a ceremony that was addressed by President Shimon Peres. Not more than a couple of thousand people were allowed into the Kosel Plaza before security forces closed it off. In addition, access to the media was very limited as only those with pre-approved passes were permitted entry. Cloth coverings, armed guards, and snipers covered almost every possible vantage point with direct line-of-sight to the Plaza. After the ceremony completed, the torch of remembrance kept on burning.

Click HERE to see the photos taken by

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Because it’s a remembrance and memorial to the thousands of heroes who perished defending Eretz Yisrael. Is that not a good enough reason for you?

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