Fire Breaks Out At Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua Home


Police and firefighters were dispatched to the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, just before 3PM.

First responders were on the scene located at 15 Old House Lane in Chappaqua, New York.

The fire was extinguished by 3:15 p.m., but firefighters remain on the scene.

The flames reportedly broke out in a Secret Service facility that is adjacent to the main house where the Clintons live.

There are multiple structures on the propert, and the Secret Service structure is not connected to the main house.

The Secret Service released a statement saying, “At approximately 2:40pm this afternoon, a Secret Service employee contacted the Chappaqua Fire Department to report a small fire in the ceiling of the second floor in a detached structure located behind the Clintons’ residence. Fire extinguishers were utilized to suppress the fire and members of the Chappaqua Fire Department responded and inspected the area above the fire to ensure it had been completely extinguished. The Secret Service does not disclose the locations of our protectees but will confirm the Clintons were not on the property at the time of the fire.”

Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Nick Merrill said neither Hillary nor Bill was home at the time and that “all is OK!”

The Clintons purchased the five-bedroom, 19th-century house for $1.7 million in 1999.



  1. Do you think they were using space heaters (a/k/a fire-starters), or using the oven to heat the house, like some people in the Bronx? Because I think their landlord is pretty greedy.

  2. Now they’re goint to plead poverty again and again ask the public for funds?

    MoisheInGalus says it well.
    They probably set the fire to burn all those servers now that the case against them is being solidified.