Civilian Service Decision Results in Renewed ‘Sucker’s Tent’ Activities


After the cabinet on Sunday approved a civilian service alternative to IDF service for 1,300 chareidim, the protests and ‘share the burden’ voices are audible once again, accusing the government of “selling out” to chareidim instead of complying with the High Court of Justice ruling compelling them to serve in the IDF.

One response was the reestablishment of the so-called “Sucker’s Tent” in Tel Aviv, seeking to highlight the issue of ‘sharing the burden’ and the current administration’s willingness to acquiesce to the chareidim.

The cabinet decision resulted in the Yesh Atid Party to petition the High Court of Justice, hoping to persuade the nation’s highest court to reverse the decision and compel the draft of the 1,300 chareidim, now approved for civilian service.

The move appears to have brought the ‘share the burden’ issue to the forefront and with the election campaign in full swing; it will undoubtedly remain an issue of importance in the upcoming general elections which will be held on 11 Shevat 5773.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If the zionists really wanted full hareidi participation in the army and the economy, all they need to do is is turn Israel into a Jewish state where people get arrested for indecent exposure, where violating yichud and negiah are considered sexual harassment, where halacha is the norm and the hilonim are expected to acts like Jews in public. Ironically, doing so would also eliminate much of the tensions with the Muslims who object to the zionists trying to force Euro-American “norms” down their throats.

    All the hilonim will end up doing is turning “Neturei Karta” into a serious political party with membership in the thousands instead of the dozens — and with perhpas 100000 Israeli Jews willing to discuss being an autnomous community under Islamic rule rather than being harassed and persecuted by the secular zionists, then Israel’s internationl position will collapse.