Average Israeli Generates 15kg of Trash Over Pesach


garbAccording to sanitation officials, the amount of garbage generated during Pesach will increase between 15-50% as compared to the remainder of the year. The average person will generate 15.5kg (34 lbs) of trash during Pesach, Yisrael Hayom reports, quoting Environmental Ministry and Union of Local Authorities officials’ along with dump site operators.

Garbage dump operators report a 50% increase in the days ahead of Yomtov as well, as was seen last week as people are cleaning their homes. The daily amount received at the Chiriya Dump increased from 3,500 tons to 5,220 tons daily. Officials report this number will increase during Pesach.

On the Green side, 400,000 Israelis have joined recycling efforts since last Pesach, and today, 600,000 Israelis are separating their trash for recycling before discarding it.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. How can this be? I could understand a huge surge in generating garbage in the countries of galus, but – apart from a small quantity of perishable chometz – where do these 15 kg of trash come from?

  2. Chain, I think that nowadays there is much less difference between EY and Gamut as far as consumerism goes. Packaging for food – jars, cans, cardboard of all descriptios and plastic, plastic everywhere. Spring cleaning fever means lots of old thing are thrown though admittedly some old clothes for instance are given to charities despite huge signs outside some charities begging people not to do so at this time, signs sometimes completely covered by mounds of old clothes bags.