Dream Careers in One Year


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Imagine being your own boss… Supporting a family without giving up your learning… Making a nice income without compromising your independence.. Making Shabbos without the stress of working late on Friday. Taking care of your children when they are sick, with no guilt..Doing what you enjoy, and getting paid for it!

This dream can be yours, when you get a professional certificate in Computer Programming, Graphic Design, or Web Development at Naaleh College!Imagine attaining this dream in one short year. Without the hassle of commuting… so you can use your extra time to focus on your studies.  Or relax.Without putting limitations on your schedule…So you can study when you want to.  And still have time for regular learning sedarim, a family bris, or your son’s siddur party.  And you can make Pesach without worrying about having tests or assignments on Chol Hamoed! Without worrying about compromising your standards, as you will be studying in a completely frum, kosher setting…Imagine having the support of caring professionals throughout your school experience..

So you will not need to create a resume and portfolio on your own.  And someone will prepare you for your first job interview and guide you in your job search. Imagine being at the forefront of your field…knowledgeable in the most up-to-date programming languages and design software.  So you will begin your career with confidence and immediately impress your clients and employers… they will recommend you to others, and you will advance quickly… This dream can be a reality!

Go to www.naalehcollege.com/cert, email infocert@naalehcollege.com, or call (732)363-6768, and begin attaining your dream career!

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