Israel: 7 Magnets Removed from Abdomen of 7-Year-Old


surgDoctors at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikvah removed seven “strong magnets” from the abdomen of a seven-year-old child. Mom brought her son in to the emergency room after realizing the child ingested the magnets.

A x-ray showed the seven magnets attached to one another. The doctors feared that if the magnets moved into his intestinal tract it would lead to serious medical complications if not an emergency.

The child was taken to a surgical suite and an endoscopy was performed. The boy has just eaten dinner, which only complicated matters and made the work of the physician trying to identify the magnets almost impossible.

Dr. Noam Zavit remained optimistic however, and B”H he did succeed in removing all the magnets via the boy’s esophagus. Dr. Zavit warns parents the magnets were from a game he was playing; explaining parents must be aware of such hazards and exercise appropriate caution.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Even my 4 year old son knows not to put magnets in his mouth. Or anything not food for that matter . Either way, that’s scary. Games usually say not for children under 3 due to small parts. Sad

  2. @AThought, what are you saying? It seems to me only an individual that is mentally retarded would do this? That is the most ignorant statement I have yet to be seen on YWN. Being in the special ed field this statement is in appropiate and i am asking you to clarify what you are trying to say?

  3. It gets frustrating to constantly read people negating other people. The first instinct is that the boy is retarded? I would be embarrassed if i thought that let alone share that with the world. Is it possible a 7 year our was dared by a friend to swallow the magnets? We have to stop thinking the worst in people. Hatzlacha u bracha and everyone should be well.