Rocket Fire Towards Beersheva [UPDATED 16:39 IL]



Three rockets exploded a short time ago in the Beersheva area, B’chasdei Hashem without fatalities or injuries. No sirens sounded prior to the rockets exploding. No additional information is available at this time.

UPDATE: Two rockets landed in open areas near Beersheva and the third in an open area near Netivot.

The IDF is responding to the rocket attacks, attacking terrorists in Gaza. It is reported that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed negotiators to leave Cairo due to the serious ceasefire violation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)



  1. Somebody needs to explain to these empty headed fools in the Israelie government that when you start a job in Azaa you can’t stop in the middle you need to finish it until the job is done come what may