Terrorists Who Planned Jerusalem Wedding Hall Attack Sentenced


nofJerusalem District Court Justice David Rosen on Monday, 28 Sivan sentenced Arab terrorists who plotted an attack in the Nof Yerushalayim Hall were sentenced to 7 and 8 years imprisonment.

The terrorists in question were employed in the Nof Yerushalayim Hall in Bayit Vegan and they planned to enter by dressing like chareidim and carry out the attack during a chasenah.

The first two defendants planned the attack and enlisted the third person who decided to opt out days before the attack, leading to a fourth terrorist entering the picture.

Justice Rosen pointed out the terrorists were going to perpetrate an attack that was very deadly and likely to claim many lives. They also did what they had to towards purchasing weapons and they were working on this when they were apprehended. The terrorists faced numerous charges including contacting the enemy during wartime.

Anas Awisat and Bassel Avidaat were sentenced to eight years imprisonment and Ahmed Sarur was sentenced to seven years.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)