Graham Says Trump Would Be ‘Worse Than Obama’

(Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 12:00 PM)

grahmSen. Lindsey Graham says the foreign policy of Republican front-runner Donald Trump is “gibberish” and “ill-conceived” and as president he would be “worse than Obama.”

The South Carolina Republican is leading a congressional delegation to Israel. Graham, who dropped his own bid for the White House last year, told The Associated Press Tuesday that Trump does not understand the stakes of the Middle East. He took particular aim at Trump’s assertion that he would take a more neutral stand regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Graham says “this is not a real estate deal. This is the survival of the one and only Jewish state.”

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Graham says he is concerned a Hillary Clinton presidency would amount to a third term for Barack Obama, but she was at least a “known quantity.”


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  1. jew yorker says:

    Reb Trump already won his war with graham when he announced his cell phone # at a campaign rally. All this noise now is sour grapes.

  2. TrueCommonSense says:

    Wow! Seriously?! thanks Graham for telling us how corrupt the GOP establishment are, clinton with all her scandals would be better?? Ya we all get it by now (most of us!) if cruz, clinton, sanders win its GOP corruption business as usual getting bribes from donors (#campaignContributions) lobbyists and all the like…. But with Trump apl this nonsense will end no more $$ for u corrupt politicians game is over, sorry!

  3. TrueCommonSense says:

    Oh! “Survival of the jewish state” card, where were you 4 yrs ago when Romney ran the lousiest campaign against The horrible obama… Where were you when all these bad deals happened.. No where to be found except to take money from lobbyists.. Huh! Ok game over GOP, its all good now we have Trump!!

  4. Jew Yorker and common sense, he’s right and you should know it (I can smell Donald is lying from a mile away)

    If and when Donald wins and bad stuff happens don’t complain it’s the republicans fault, Donald is his own man who happens to be running on the republican ticket because Hillary would be a cinch compared to cruz

  5. Yay, somehow I got coffee addict back on the main site

  6. karlbenmarx says:

    says the toieva, illegal immigrant, war mongering RINO Graham.

  7. yungerman says:

    I dont need graham to say it its clear

  8. Dave Hirsch says:

    Senator Graham is 100% correct. Donald Trump threatens to nuke nations, while promising to ‘realign’ US alliances. He has no clue about anything and relies on his own ‘smartest brain ever’ for policy. He is a socialist, isolationist but ready to go to nuclear war if his ego is bruised.

    He’s an authoritative liberal who is crazy, while Obama is a ideological liberal who acts diplomatic. A President Trump would be the worst thing for the US and the world.

  9. Dave Hirsch says:


    TrueCommonSense, Clinton is a scandal-ridden lousy candidate. That is why we must oppose Trump. He, who is no less – if not more – scandalous than Hillary, enabled a Clinton presidency. He took the strongest conservative field in history and tainted them with his silly schoolyard bully tactics. He conned all of his business acquaintances, contractors and Trump University students. He lies nonchalantly throughout this campaign and is conning the American public. The “GOP Establishment” is not corrupt: They want a conservative standard bearer — not a liberal whose National Enquirer scandal was not published because he’s proud of what he did…

    Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, but she at least remembers her lies that next day (or five minutes later…).


  10. jew yorker says:

    Reb Coffee Addict,
    You seem a little too excited. Maybe you should try decaf. Trump will not be the next President.

  11. mdd says:

    Dave Hirsh, excellent!!

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