Memorandum Of Law Put Forth To Hold City Rabbis Accountable For Wrong Doing


The Ministry for Religious Affairs submitted a memorandum of law on Wednesday that promotes the establishment of a disciplinary court that will reprimand and even remove city Rabbis who have committed disciplinary transgressions over the course of their tenure.

According to the memorandum of law, the court will consist of three judges: “The first will be a civil servant qaulified to be a judge in a magisterial court. This judge will be appointed by the Justice Minister from among the members of their office and will receive the conquering agreement of the Attorney General. This person will serve as the chief justice in the case. The second judge will be a member of the High Rabbinic Court, active or retired, and will be appointed by the reigning president of the High Rabbinic Court with the conquerence from the Minister of Religious Affairs. The third judge will be the Chief Rabbi of a city and will be appointed by the President of the Chief Rabbinic Council of Israel.

Among the ransgressions for which a city’s Chief Rabbi woud be able to be deposed include, if the Rabbi acted in a fashion unbecoming for his leadership in the city or befitting a person in the position of Chief Rabbi, or is found guilty of committing a crime.

In addition, the Memorandum sets out the responsibility of the Ministr of Religious Affairs to establish special investigators who have at least five years of experience in investigating the civil service commission. The Attorney General will be tasked with opening the investigation.

Additionally, the President of the Chief Rabbinic Council will be able to suspend any Chief Rabbi of a city who has been accused of wrong doings during his fulfillment of the position.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)