Yahadut Hatorah Asks the President to Prevent Chilul Shabbos


Three members of the Yahadut Hatorah faction on Thursday, 20 Shevat 5773 met with President Shimon Peres. They recommended giving the mandate to form a coalition to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as expected.

Yaakov Litzman, Moshe Gafne and Meir Porush met with the president in his official residence. They asked that Mr. Peres delay his announcement regarding the mandate until motzei Shabbos to avoid the chilul Shabbos that would result if he makes the announcement earlier.

They called on the president to do what he can to prevent the widening split, stating “because of your personality and your position” we are confident that you will act on this. Deputy Minister Litzman shared his concerns with the president regarding efforts to uproot the limud Torah community.

Mr. Peres told them he would hold off with his announcement until motzei Shabbos.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Perhaps the traditional ‘outspoken” Peres can soothe the wrinkles and ripples in the coalition battles so that Eretz Yisroel can continue b’derech hatorah.