Arabs Want to Change ‘Hatikvah’


isflWhile MKs from the coalition have submitted a bill seeking to redefine Israel as a state for Jews, addressing the religious aspect of identity instead of the nationalistic, Arab MKs are busy trying to rewrite the nation’s national anthem, the Hatikvah.

The special Knesset session was attended by many Arab representatives from Galil area communities, Israeli Arabs who feel alien to the Jewish aspirations for a homeland expressed in the national anthem.

MK (Hadash) Afou Agbaria feels the national anthem must be meaningful to all of the nation’s citizens, not just the Jews and to speak of the “Hope of 2,000 years’ and “The land of Zion and Jerusalem” does not speak to Israeli Arabs and others.

One example of the bizarre situation may be the searing in ceremony for Israel’s first Arab justice to the nation’s Supreme Court, last year. Justice Salim Jubran stood when the national anthem was sung, but he did not recite the words.

Arab MKs point out that the 20% of the nation’s citizens are Arabs and there are other non-Jews as well. They feel racism against Arabs is on the rise despite the fact that Arabic is an official state language.

Agbaria cited another example, the fact that Jews can become citizens under the Law of Return while anyone without a Jewish grandparent cannot. He explains that if an Arab citizen of the state marries a citizen of a PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous area, the spouse does not receive Israeli citizenship automatically. He added on the average an Arab worker earns 40% less than his Jewish counterpart, highlighting the widespread and ongoing discrimination against Arabs in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Forget going to Gaza. If the rag heads don’t like or want to hear Hatikvah, our given national anthem I suggest to them the alternative. “Put a bullet through your ear”.
    Then you won’t have to hear it and we won’t have to deal with your whining, crying, and your support of your terrorist buddies.

  2. We also find the lyrics objectionable, not only that it defines something other than Torah and Mitsvos as the “raison d’etre” of the Jewish people, but in particular that it aspires to create an “Am Hofshi” which has always been understood to mean “Free” (Frei in Yiddish) from the yoke of Torah.

  3. when the Israeli Arabs fight against the radical Muslims then maybe they can make these type of request. Nt until they assist Israel. MAKE them prove they are truly for Isarel not just there because its safer for them then the Arab countries

  4. This is the Jewish National Anthem:

    G-d is our King,
    We are his servants
    The holy Torah is our Law
    We are loyal to it.
    We do not recognize the Heretic Zionist Regime
    Its laws do not apply to us
    We walk in the ways of the Torah
    In fire and water
    We walk in the ways of the Torah
    To Sanctify the Name of Heaven

  5. CircleSteve, your use of the term “rag heads” and the rest of your post is exceptionally offensive. I am sure you would be upset if other people referred to Jews as “curly sideburns” or “shortened private parts” so keep a civil tongue please. You kind of comments do not make Yidden look good to the world at large either.

  6. The article claims that “the ‘Hope of 2,000 years’ and ‘The land of Zion and Jerusalem’ does not speak to Israeli Arabs and others.” I strongly disagree! It most certainly DOES speak to them!

    As for exactly what it is saying, however… 🙂

  7. Who is “WE”???, and Rav Aaron Solovechic would sing “to be Am Kodesh”.

    Everyone (same as WE) understood FREE to mean Free from assaults, attacks, pogroms, burning ovens, destruction and foreign governments laws and regulations.

  8. #11: Don’t fool yourself. The authors of the Hatikva song meant “free” from Torah. This is well-known and not even in dispute.

  9. ZedekTirdof,
    With all due respect go tell your story to the arabs who have killed, or have helped kill Jews in this and every country around the world.
    I have seen and experienced too much in my lengthly life to care one bit about what those animals think.
    I invite every single “rag head” and “towel head” who refuses to live in this Jewish state and abide by the laws of this land to leave, one way or another. Maybe they want to go to North Korea and attempt to steal their land and homes stating that they were there before the Koreans. They would be dead a lot quicker than staying here.
    Hashem gave us the land of Israel thousands of years ago and I intend to help keep and protect it as a Jewish state.

  10. CircleSteve, you wrote “with all due respect” and then gave not an iota of respect or dignity. Yes, many Arabs have perpetrated horrific attacks on Jews. But calling an entire race of people “animals” is below contempt. Your desire to hold on to our land is commendable, but the language you use in stating your opinion is contemptible, and doesn’t belong on this site (or, for that matter, written down or said aloud anywhere at all).